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Windows 8 Professional Edition Transformation Pack

Windows 8 LogoDon't be surprised as there is no publicly available Windows 8 GUI concept yet, but similar to previously shared Windows 7 Theme artists have now started to create Windows 8 theme concepts which in my opinion does not look very different then current Windows 7 interface, this Vista transformation pack concept consists of Theme, Logon Screen, System Tray icon, Tclock Lite and Wallpapers.

Windows 8 Desktop
Windows 8 Logon

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This pack is good

how do you get it !!



But how it is installed to my computer it is not a trasformation pack
i am using windows XP service pack 2

i Downloaded mac transformation pack fine on my xp service pack 2 but every tim i click the download link it takes me to deviantART And when i click download it comes up with a picture not the download can someone help me?

im not sure if this will work for xp users, i tried this last night and it didnt work on my xp pro sp2 x86 edition, you cannot replace the explorer with the new icon explorer, kit changes back to original when replaced, and the super bar was just my ordannary one the shades out when you dont use it, the icons were the same, and when i tried to use the theme it kept saying that it could find the correct files? i tried it numereus ways with no result.

what a load of crap, why would you want this, whats "windows 8" that isn't/wont be the name of code name for the next next windows release, profesional won't be used either as there is not even a vista pro, it is ultimate / business edition. the theme is so tacky why would you want coloured minimise, maximise, and exit buttons.

i am shocked and disapointed with this discusting theme, which looks like it is going backwards from the great refreshing and inspiring windows 7 theme, this is one thing microsoft has done well.

i am surprised that even posted this, i thought that they would have some idea on what looks good. also i thought they would know not to post a infactually correct theme, even though they have written "Don't be surprised as there is no publicly available Windows 8 GUI concept yet".



does this wqork for XP

Dear sir
plz tell me can i install windows 8 in p3 final configraton
now windows 8 in pakistan plz tell me

windows 8 is a fake, so dont belive that.bye.

Hey it wasn't fake. Windows 8's development is now going on!!!


ni sume jamal punye pasal

Microsoft dug its own grave . windows 8 will be released in 2012 !!!!

everytime i click the download link it takes me to deviantART Then I Click download then a picture of it comes up it doesnt download hellp?

Hey People!
I'm Cambodian.
i like this pack.
Good luck for all people!



That's cool!

in deviantart... the download link only for windows vista, does it compatible for windows xp professional??

aspire to excel

whether it could run in windows 7 starter

This is the first I have heard of windows 8. When is it due for release ?

nice one.

this is quite better site to download software's.

sir i install Windows 8 Professional Edition Transformation Pack but log in screen ask me password. what is password for log on to screen

what is password for log on to screen

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