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GeoHot Hacks Into Sony Playstation 3 Firmware

Sony PS3George Hotz a.k.a GeoHot - the same guy who gave the world first ever iPhone exploit has finally pwned the Sony PlayStation 3 (PS3) by achieving read/write access to the entire memory system of the console including HyperVisor level access to the processor, which in plain english means that it's now a matter of time to reverse-engineer the internal software and get it hacked for whatever purpose without removing the NAND or using a modchip.

Function List From Hacked PS3

Sony PS3 Funtion List For Homebrew

Sony PS3 enjoyed the label of being a secure console for more then three years, but not anymore - GeoHot is not going to post the exploit as of now but once the hole goes public many programmers will surely come-up with Homebrew applications for the platform including the ability to play ripped pirated Sony PS3 games on the console without buying them.


cool, many more people will buy PS3 console

good news

thanks for the good news it means that we can use illegale cd's

The ONLY reason PS3 was not hacked until now is that the people who can do it had no interest in doing so, not that the PS3 was unhackable ...

Consider the price tag on BR writers and BR media or high capacity HDDs and the size of the PS3 content (games, movies, ...) it is still not profitable enough.

Still the simplest way is to use a device that emulates the BR and is connected between the BR device and the MB (similar to the ones we are seeing on the Wii) with an external HDD but the people that can make them still don't think it's profitable enough. Maybe this'll get them thinking.

when will we be able to play games from back-up cd's?

You always could play backups... It's been 3 yrs now that I have been using back ups or should I says copies of games on my PS3..

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