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Exclusive Free VIP Invitations For Pictarine - The New Way To Create, Look, Browse And Edit Albums From A Single Interface

With so many options to store and share images, users end-up having pictures scrambled across various services like facebook, flickr, picasa, Gmail and Yahoo, to address this issue a new free online service "Pictarine" is here - allowing users to create, browse, share and edit albums from a single streamlined interface.


Pictarine pulls in your images from various services effectively merging them at a single location for better organization, editing and sharing. The best part is that once imported, users can create a virtual album combining pictures from various sources and share them with others - that's not all, once shared others users can add their own photos to the virtual album.

Pictarine In Action
We have been provided with 200 exclusive VIP invitation codes for our blog readers, to get started just visit the Pictarine website and use invite code 'Megaleecher' (without quotes) to register.


I didn't have to input any invitation code...

There is no code needed anymore as Pictarine has just launched in public today. Enjoy it !

Same here, I didn't see any box/es or option/s to enter the code "Megaleecher"

But good share, thank you : )

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