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Fixing Java Error - "Missing required Permissions manifest attribute in main jar"

In a bid to beef up the security of Java applications, all versions of Java from v7 Update 51 will feature an enhanced security model making a user system less vulnerable to external exploits. This new security policy of Java will simply not allow users to run any java-application which is not signed (Unsigned), Self signed (not signed by trusted authority) or have missing permission attributes details in the manifest.

Since, this needs a fix on developers side users are simply blocked away from using Java applications which comes short in any of the above security considerations. I faced a similar issue where Dell's iDRAC 6 Virtual Console Client was denied execution by Java citing "Missing required Permissions manifest attribute in main jar" error. Since, there is no updated version of iDrac 6 Remote Console applet with fixed permissions we need to add an security exception for it as demonstrated below to let it run.

Why are Java applications blocked by your security settings with the latest Java?

When facing an "Java Security Permission Error" as shown below :

Java Security Error

Java Security Error

Java Security Error

Java Security Error

We need to add an exception for TRUSTED application in Java configuration panel, pls. make sure the app. you are whitelisting is trusted.

  1. Navigate to Control Panel->Java->Security Tab and click 'Edit site List..' button.
  2. Fix java security exception list
  3. Click 'Add' button and enter the web-host url you want to exclude from this security check, make sure you only choose directory paths ending in a / and not a filename.
  4. Fix java security exception list
    Fix java security exception list
  5. Re-launch the Java applet and it will be now allowed to run.


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