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Get iolo System Mechanic Free Full Version Registration Code

System MechanicEarlier, I have posted a tip to get PC maintenance utility Advanced WindowsCare Professional for free, Today I will show you a similar tip to get fully registered version of the popular software System Mechanic for free the legal way.

Most of you don't need introduction to this software, however if you have never heard about System Mechanic the software lets you perform complete tuneup of your Windows PC using a set of powerful tools to speed up, optimize, repair and maintain your PC to the optimum performance level.

Free System Mechanic Full Version

From the Manufacturer


* Faster disk defrag: defragment drives up to 300-percent faster than previous versions of System Mechanic, and up to ten times faster than Windows built-in defragmenter.
* Fix Windows security holes: new security optimizer wizard finds dangerous security flaws in Windows and repairs them automatically.
* One-click power tools: Easily perform important system maintenance with just one click. Repair, accelerate, clean, and secure your PC with one click using the System Mechanic comprehensive new Power Tools.
* Full service in one pass with PC TotalCare: Repair, accelerate, clean, and secure your PC with one click with the System Mechanic PC TotalCare tool.
* Repair hard-drive problems: New Drive Medic finds and fixes hard drive problems before they can cause data loss or system failure.
* Full disaster recovery: Recover from even the worst system crashes with Drive Medic Disaster Recovery. Rescue PCs that won’t start and revive hard drives that were reformatted, repartitioned, or worse.
* PC accelerator wizard: the proprietary System Mechanic PC optimization techniques increase system responsiveness, decrease boot times, and speed up Internet and download rates by up to 300 percent.
* Advanced process manager: Take a look under the hood with the new advanced process manager and see what’s running--visibly or otherwise. Automatically block dangerous items from starting again. Great for troubleshooting stubborn problems.
* Advanced startup manager: Review thorough information about the more than 20 different places where programs may hide to automatically startup with Windows. Automatically find and eliminate dangerous and unnecessary programs. Even permanently block programs from starting again through integration with System Mechanic Startup Guard technology.
* Decrease boot time with startup optimizer: find dangerous and unnecessary startup items and remove or delay them so that Windows starts up faster, making you more productive instead of waiting for unnecessary programs to load.
* Enhanced registry optimization: newly augmented optimization technology finds and fixes even more registry problems that would cripple your system.
* Improved spyware protection: Spython integrates new proactive "always on" protection from dangerous spyware, malware, adware, and unauthorized surveillance software.
* New comprehensive system-inspector tool: Get an ultra-detailed report of everything in your PC, from installed software, to attached peripherals, to core system hardware, and everything in between.

UPDATE: Get the latest System Mechanic 8 Serial Number For Free Here >>

To get the free full version, follow the steps below:

  1. Visit this special promo link.
  2. Click Continue button, Don't forget to disable your Ad-blocker to see the Countinue button
  3. Follow on-screen instructions and complete the signup process.
  4. Download the installer.
  5. Install and use your own legal registration license key to unlock full version.


WOWWWIES!! thanks alot! :) i definately need this. although i do have tons of utility programs, having one this good definately helps.

If its posible pls send me da seral of SM8 thanks
promo page doesnt work

frd please give me the activation code for system mechanic 6 or 8 pro

The link is 404 and blank.

I just checked its working fine, You must disable any ad-blocker/firewall etc. to use the url as the URL contains word "/ads/" which is blocked by adblockers and firewalls.

it's very good

Hey thanks much I rec'd 2 separate reg codes both worked fine! You saved me some big coin.

Link's working fine and it's truly for $0, no credit card check!!!!!

Dr Adeii/NNSS

please get me the key for system mechanic

I clickt on the link and its showing $69.95 the link dont work no more???

Checked, Still working:

The button below will direct you through the necessary steps to receive your free serial number and user ID which may be used to activate your product.

** Please note that no credit card number or payment is required.

Hi, have you the activation key of iolo system mechanic. can you send me in my e-mail? thanks!

plz send activation key of sm-9.5 0n


Can you PLEASE help me with version 9.5.9 registration key. If not available - pls send me a key for any older versions.

Much appreciated.

Jomanda Wessels

I need a key for 9.5.9

i need a key for system mechanic 9.5.9 plzzz....

am sorry but the id and serial number sent to my mail isnt working ...invalid lisence they say ....what should i do


workinkg , but this for ver 6 , and current version is 8

please get me the key for system mechanic


get the full version iolo system mechanic 8 pro at -- Illegal Link Removed --

Limited Time Offer: Get 6 months of free System Mechanic service

Buy a year now for
only $19.95 and
Get 6 Months FREE!
(18 month total subscription)
Regular Price: $72.95

For up to 3 PCs
What Customers Are Saying

“System Mechanic saved me from having to purchase a whole new computer. Well worth the investment!”

Arthur H.

“System Mechanic has become my tech of choice to keep this novice’s computer running smoothly. I really appreciate the program and the service when needed.”

Mark J .

“I use my PC in a recording studio, and optimum performance means the difference between a great first take, and having to re-record after the moment has passed. Thanks for a great product.”

Jeremy R.

For a limited time, buy System Mechanic and get 6 additional months FREE. Simply purchase here and we will add an extra 6 months FREE to your order for a total of 18 months.

As always, your purchase is protected by our 30 Day, 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

Got PC problems? System mechanic is your solution!

Problem Solution
Random errors, crashes and restarts Fixes Registry problems, clears clutter, and repairs security vulnerabilities
Sluggish programs, downloads and startup Defragments memory and hard drives, optimizes settings, boosting performance up to 300%
PC won't start, system or drive is down Drive Medic™ emergency rescue CD revives downed systems and drives
Costly professional help required to repair and maintain your PC Automatic maintenance keeps your PC fast and reliable


“System Mechanic found and fixed a lot of errors the other programs overlooked or didn’t even try to find...”

LAPTOP Magazine - Editor's Choice

"System Mechanic 8 from iolo technologies does work as advertised and will keep your Windows machine "looking like new!"

John C. Dvorak - PC Magazine - August 2008

“Better tools and technical support than Norton SystemWorks.”
c|net - Editor's Choice

System Requirements
System Mechanic runs on 32-bit Windows Vista™, XP, and 2000.


please send me a serial number for system mechanic 8.5.6. i really want it...

please send me a serial number for system mechanic 8.5.6. i really want it...please send to my email

Please send me a activation Key for System mechanic 8.5.5

Please email it to me at
Thank you!

i need activation key for the product. pl. send.

can somebody email me a serial or activation code for system mechanic pro v. 8.5.6 thanks a lot...

Please email it to me at I really need it.

Please sent me the registration code for SYSTEM MECHANIC 9.0.
I'll be very thankful 4 your anticipations!!!

hi, i´m from brazil, and i need the code for system mechanic 9.0..
please sent me...

i need a key for system mechanic 9

an somebody email me a serial or activation code for system mechanic pro v. 9.5.6 thanks

please send me an activation code for system mechanic 9.5.6. thanks

Hello...pls send me an activation code for system mechanic 9...thks :)

please send system mechanic 9.5 key.....thks

Could you kindly send me system mechanic 9.5 activation serial number.


hi can you please send me the serial key for system machainc 9.5.6 thanks

hey really wanted it... thank you.... system mechanic pro

plz send the key of system mechanic 9.5 on

plz send the key of system mechanic 9.5

Please send it soon as possible........

please send to my E-mail thanks alot

Hi, I m from Turkey, could you kindly send me system mechanic 8.5.6 activation key.


Hi, I m from kurdistan , could you kindly send me system mechanic 10.5 activation key.


Please provide activation key for System Mechanic 10.5. Thanks.

Can anyone please give me the activation key for System Mechanic 10.8.2

Thank you so much!

Could anyone send me the activation key for SM please? Thank you.

Hi, have you the activation key of iolo system mechanic ? can you send me in my e-mail?
thanks a lot

Hi, Hi, i indonesian..

Could anyone send me the activation key for iolo System Mechanic Pro please? Thank you.





Hi.. I updated my SM10 to SM But need to input an activation code to use full version..

Can anybody help with this key??
Thanks a lot..

Hi hope all is good can some one send me activation key for

System mechanic 14.0.1 standard is out.

I want the key for system mechanic 14 pro version. Kindly help me

I want the key for system mechanic 14 pro

Could you get me the license key for system 14, please?

please I need key for system mechanic 12.5

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It's not a referral link, you are just 8 years late to land on this page and claim the time-limited promo :)

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