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Top Youtube Video Downloaders Of 2016 Reviewed

Top Rated Youtube Video Downloader

Watching music videos or simply listening to music is a sensational soul relieving act. A proper motivation is when the music or videos are of high quality. This art is also a mood booster for starting and ending a day. They’re plenty of websites that let you stream music and watch their videos, the most known site is YouTube, their one problem is; no download option. Since not all the time we are connected to the internet, it’s of essence to download the music videos and watch them at later times. To achieve this, download utilities are used, some are good and some are “not good at all”. The comparison below will enable you make the decision of the utility to use.

This add-on is your best option when downloading music videos, especially music videos from YouTube. This online multi-platform hassle free add-on will enable you to download videos in most formats and in a high definition quality. You can also download them in an audio format such as MP3 and that’s why it’s the best. It is compatible with all browsers that support add-ons and no other third party software’s are required.
Trsusted and safe : Easy Youtube Video Downloader

Unlike other download utilities, there’s no copy-pasting of links, once you have installed the add-on, you are equipped with a clean elegant button which has a drop-down menu for selecting the formats. The best part, it’s of a small interface with no advertisement and other third-party pop-ups. It only features what’s needed and does away with unnecessary configuration options. Also, you don’t have to leave the video site in order to download the video, it's instant.

This add-on also assures speed. There are no lags and dropdowns unless you have a smaller bandwidth. With good speeds from the YouTube servers, your downloads will be done in a matter of seconds and you can access the downloaded file offline at your pleasure.

- Supports almost all video formats such as MP4, 3GP, FLV
- High-quality video downloads; Full HD 720 and 1080
- High-quality audio downloads; bit rates of 128 and 256Kbps
- Superfast instant download
- Advertisement free and without any malware, trusted with four-years of service having 1024 reviews averaging 4* at Mozilla Store (
- No cluttered interface.

- Not yet available.

This is not a download utility but a website. Unlike others, it’s for converting videos to audio since video downloading is not supported, only audio. It’s a must use for those who prefer audio but not much of a choice for video lovers; don’t try it lest you want to listen to your videos.
Youtube to mp3

With this download utility, you don’t have to download anything in order to use it. But you must launch the website first and then copy paste the video URL from a video site. After that, you have to wait for the video to be converted to an audio file for approximately 3-4minutes per video. Sometimes this does not happen and you might want to reload the website now and then till you reach the aha moment.
This utility supports only one mp3 quality and that’s not good news since the bitrate offered can be deemed as of poor quality. There’s no option for choosing the type of bitrate to download. Be it a 480,720 or 1080p video, the audio outcome will be of one quality. You are also limited on the number of times you can do the video to audio conversions. You might wait endlessly for lengthy video conversions.

- Converts video to audio format
- No software installation required
- 128 audio bitrate

- One audio quality
- Lengthy conversions are not allowed
- Has unrelated ads
- Does not support video downloads
- You have to copy paste the URL and launch the website every time you want a file downloaded

It’s a software for downloading videos just as the name suggests. Its supports a wide range of video formats such as MP4, AVI, FLV, ASF, and MPEG. With all this, video downloader pro can download videos and music from any website.
Video Downloader pro

Downloading from this tool is easy after installing it. You simply have to find its extension icon on the browser and select the type of file you want to download. In a matter of minutes, your content will be saved to your computer.

According to the new YouTube policies, this utility at times doesn’t work with YouTube and barely supports the video formats. Also, it has had a rake of bad reviews when used to download video and music content from other websites. Downloading this utility from other sites should be avoided since it comes bundled up with malware and ad-wares.

- Supports wide most video formats
- Can search music and video content
- Can be uninstalled easily.

- Bundled up with adware, Collects browsing history and their privacy policy opens all kinds of malware possibilities
- Doesn’t work at times.

Feature comparison table


Easy YouTube Video Downloader


Video Downloader Pro

Ease of use


Excellent (If you only need 128kbps mp3 of short duration)


1080p Full-HD Downloads


Variety of formats

Audio download

No Ads/No malware

Cross-platform (Windows/Linux/Mac)

Verdict : The Winner is.....

For a hassle free and elated download experience, equip your browser with the Easy YouTube Video Downloader add-on and you won’t be disappointed.

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