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Bypassing Youtube Age Restricted Videos Without Signing In

Since Youtube caters to a wide-variety of users groups all around the globe, it imposes several types of restrictions to filter out non-suitable content citing various criteria like users Geographical location and age. We have already shared tricks to bypass Youtube country specific geographic censorship and even how to watch videos deleted from Youtube (providing they are still on Youtube cache servers distributed across the globe).

Today we will show a trick on how to bypass the "Youtube Content Warning : This video may be inappropriate for some users." without signing-in or need to have a Youtube/Google account (which also avoids tracking and prevents similar type of videos being shown on Youtube front-page when signed-in).

Bypassing Youtube Age Restricted Videos

All you need to do is to take out the video-id from the url (after v= in url) for eg. 6LZM3_wp2ps in and create a new url by adding the video-id to so for this example it becomes Opening this new url will simply bypass any checks and load the video in full window.

Bypassing Youtube Age Restricted Videos


This little bash script can be used to automatize the above. Just give the script the original URL (best in quotes), it will then give you the wanted / playable URL:

if echo "$1" | grep >/dev/null 2>&1; then
cutstring=$(echo "$1"|cut -d '=' -f 2|cut -c1-11)
echo \$1 seems not like a URL...

you can use the bookmarklet

javascript:(function()%7Bfunction getURLParameter(url%2C name) %7Breturn (RegExp(name %2B '%3D' %2B '(.%2B%3F)(%26%7C%24)').exec(url)%7C%7C%5B%2Cnull%5D)%5B1%5D%3B%7Dvar v %3D getURLParameter(window.location.href%2C 'v')%3Bif(v)%7Bwindow.location %3D '' %2B v %3B%7D%7D)()

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