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Best Xbox: Series X Exclusive Games To Play Right Now

When it comes to the world of gaming, be it as a hobby or professionally, the debate will always be the same, which console is best to play with? If there’s something we can all agree on it’s that picking a leading console when it comes to video gaming can be a very hard task at hand.

If we take out PC gaming and portable devices, we’re left with two main competitors that usually take the cake amongst the preferences of gamers far and near, Sony’s PlayStation and Microsoft’s Xbox. With the two having new consoles rocking the gaming scene in 2021, and both having a slew of games exclusively for their consoles, we look at what Microsoft’s Xbox: Series X has to offer its fans.

Now, we get it, sometimes picking the best games to get down with is no easy feat, it’s almost like picking the best scores and odds predictions to go with when backing your favorite team, but with all that in mind we bring you or picks for the best Xbox: Series X exclusive games that all gamers should be playing right now.

The Ascent

The Ascent, a role-playing, cyberpunk action video game originally developed by Swedish game studio Neon Giant and published by Curve Digital exclusively for Windows, Xbox Series X and S as well as Xbox One is our first pick for top exclusive Xbox: Series X games that all gamers should be playing right now and with ample reason. This solo or co-op action shooter game

The game, which takes place in a futuristic world called Veles, takes players through the life of an out of luck, enslaved worker of “The Ascent Group” corporation, a corporation that owns himself and everyone else that works and lives with him in his district. After a sudden collapse of the corporation leaving different enemy corporations, workers groups and different districts all fighting for control of the fallen company, our hero has to do is basically keep rivals from taking control of the corporation he worked for all while trying to find the reasons as to why the corporation fell in the first place.

If RPG is your favorite style of gaming and making your way through thrilling missions where beating rival gangs and hostile enemy corporations from taking over is something that sounds right up your alley, then The Ascent is definitely the way to go.

The Big Con

If you’re a fan of 90’s culture and everything it entails and sometimes wish you could have a way to go back and experience what a simpler lifestyle was like before the new millennium, then playing The Big Con might just work out perfectly. Developed by Skybound Games and published by both Skybound and Mighty Yell Studios, the game had its official debut in late August, 2021.

This throwback adventure style game centers around the life of Ali, a teenager who while trying to escape being sent to band camp ends up trying to save her mother’s video store business from being taken over by enemy loan sharks. This leads Ali to venture across the USA trying to find ways, mostly by conning people and pickpocketing in order to get the money her mother needs to save her video store. While in other games, missions like robbing people of their money and assets is seen as secondary actions and mostly done in antagonistic features, The Big Con wraps the whole idea of the game around them, all while keeping Ali’s main focus of saving her family’s business from going under, making it a valiant and honorable effort in a way.

This game thrives on it’s simple graphs, memory engaging throwbacks and a great focus on the dialogue part of the game with humorous interactions between all characters involved in the mission. If you’re a fan of movies like Clerks, then this game will definitely hit all the right buttons and will have you hooked almost instantly.

Crossfire X
Last but certainly not least, we bring you the third instalment from the acclaimed Crossfire series, which while it’s not officially out yet, it’s pinned to become one of the best titles in 2021 for Xbox: Series X/S as well as Xbox One. Like in the other versions of the series, the games sees two opposing military style teams, the Black List team and the Global Risk team, competing in different modes to complete specific missions all while trying to avoid their opponents from doing so as well.

Different game modalities such as a “spectre” mode where players are invisible to their opponents, where they can be seen solemnly while moving and being equipped only with knives to defend themselves and a “modern” mode in which both teams have to fight it out while trying to keep hold and control over two different objective marks in the game’s map stand out as some of the most attractive in game features soon to be available.

This first-person shooter game with a top-tier free-to-play multiplayer module, has been a long favorite of gamers who love the action of games like CS: Global Offensive and will definitely be causing shockwaves around once it’s finally released in late 2021.

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