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The sophisticated science behind why Youtube views freeze on 301 ?

If you are a YouTube publisher or a frequent user, you must have noticed a lot of videos stuck at "301" view count, ever wondered what's the mystery behind this ?

This video shows you the insider secret of this 301 views mystery.

Youtube views freezes


That guy has issues. You wouldn't write <= 300, you would write > 300. So...

if(vc > 300) CHECK!
else vc++

He didn't say he would write it that way. He said it got written that way. He was keeping the explanation simple. Even you know that the formula was correct. You just would prefer it the other way if you were the one writing the code. Those 'issues' would be yours. However, we don't know which language was used for the programming and don't know the syntax required for the IF,THEN statement.

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