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Leaked Screenshot Shows Upcoming Video Calling Feature In WhatsApp

WhatsApp enabled and tested their Voice calling feature to a limited number of users initially and later rolled out to all users and other operating-systems. Leaked screenshots by an German site MacerKopf suggest that popular messaging service is all set to launch video calling feature for it's users.

WhatsApp has over 900M+ users which it acquired in a short span of just 6 years, the free video calling feature on this popular IM service is surely going to give competition substantial jitters of the likes of Apple (FaceTime), Microsoft (Skype), Google (Hangouts) and mobile-carriers.

WhatsApp Video Calling


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Months after speculations emerged of popular instant messenger Whats App introducing video calls on its platform, the first screenshots in tandem with the rumour have emerged. The screenshots from a beta testing version of the app, reflecting a Video Call button in the connecting options, indicate the feature may be rolled out in the next update for Whats App, the date for which is still unknown.

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