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Now Play Age Of Empires Online

Online web-browser version of popular games titles is the new trend letting game-developers tap into a larger user-base benefiting from existing game popularity, after Quake Live, FIFA Online and Need For Speed: World the next to follow the suite is classic "Age Of Empires". Currently under free beta "Age Of Empires Online" will be launched as a part of Windows LIVE in 2011, The online-only game release is compatible with Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7.

Age Of Empires Online

A video demo of the online game-play is posted below.

You can enjoy the classic game in it's full beauty by registering for free at Age Of Empires Online website - .


age of empires

I love Age of Empires...but this link is not working on my browser to play the game online for free..!

Age of Empires is a nice game, mainly its is made for youngsters but in my family everyone enjoys the game.

Hey really Age of Empire is really an awesome online games. Even my too like this game a lot.

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