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Airtel Launches World's First Commercially Available 4G-LTE Network In India With Blazing Mobile Internet Speeds Upto 100 mbps

airtel 4g introduction

Indian telecom major airtel has commercially launched world's one of the first commercially deployed 4G-LTE service. According to the airtel 4G information page the new service will offers speeds up to 100mbps while downloading, and 40mbps while uploading. While India still lacks commercially available on-the-go 4G compatible mobile and tablet devices, airtel is offering 4G USB dongles and modems to users for computer access.

What is 4g ?

airtel 4G services will allow access to rich content, HD video streaming without buffering, multi-player online gaming, multiple chatting, live streaming of content, live tv etc.

New Airtel 4G LTE Tariff Card
plan name rentals (per month-INR) free quota (GB) speed post FUP (kbps)
breakfree 999 6 128
breakfree max 1399 9 128
breakfree ultra 1999 18 128

airtel 4G LTE is currently launched in Kolkata, India only, with company's plan for a bigger rollout in a phased manner.


I couldn't stop laughing..... :D:D:D
Even in America, only Verizon has what can be passed as "4G LTE". AT&T is just calling their's 4G LTE. And in India, where 3G is still at crawling pace, they are claiming to launch 4G LTE...!! Joke of the century.

Are you nuts, what makes you think this is laughable ? If America do not have it, does not mean it does not exist !!

It's a limited launch and yes 3G do work great in India, try paying for it and using it - you get what you pay for - pay premium and get premium you stupid looser.

I was paying Rs 1200 per month for the "India's fastest 3G" blah blah s#!t and got sluggish performance. And frequent disconnection. Non of the ISPs provide good speed. 3G k naam pe junk. And now 4G LTE. Only buzzwords in India.

Dear Bikram,

from my personal experience with airtel 3g in India, I can say the service was well as advertised and as expected. I was getting 2.5+ mbps while on the move on my Apple iPhone 4. So, this might be something individual to you or your location/operator - just like the poor At&T network we all read daily on tech websites. I guess the only bad 3G network is of BSNL in India and apart from that all private players had very good 3G speeds.


according to u airtel is ok, but dont tell any word against BSNL.
It is the fastest and economicly affordable net provider in the country.
with BSNL i m getting 3.6mbps downloading & around 1mbps uploading. so watch ur words.

Whether its 3G,4G or any other G promising super sonic download/upload speed........... All is empty talks unless they have FUP policy...........they are claiming it to be first 4G of India.......... just see the their tariff card 6/9/18 GB limit thats it and you will be thrown back your favorite speed of 128Kbps.........What an IDEA sirji...........This how things work in India..........

1999 INR = about $40 CAD right?
In that case, that is world faster and cheaper for what it is than the crap we get here on fake "4G" network... hell they even stopped advertising it, couldn't even achieve speeds of 10Mbps.

Yea, this much I'd say - telecom services are dirt cheap in India. Consumer is the king, with all the options. In america, people have to pay for incoming SMSs too. WTF....!!! People are ok even if phone manufacturers don't bundle an earphone with their handset. They'll spend $30-50 on buying separate earphones, another #30-50 on buying cases. Dumb.

sri lanka, dialog lanunched it, it has a promising speed which is above 80mbps, also etisalat, they introduced 3.75g which better 3g network which has 8mbps to 25mbps,

thats really superb........

thats's great thanks guys

Want to know what possessed Airtel to launch 4G first in Kolkatta over Mumbai/Delhi/Bangalore?

Recently read an article that in Quebec Canada, 30 & 50 Mbps internet connection is now commercially available. Now that's worth talking about!

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