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Free AMV Video Converter

Many of you must have seen highly popular and very cheap chinese MP3/MP4/MTV players suamv_video_playerpporting a not so well known video format - .AMV, these S1 MP3 players claim to support MP4 videos but in reality suport the .AMV file format having low video compression ratio, low resolution and frame rate, the .AMV video file sizes are small as compared to DVD/VCD/etc. , also the encoding and decoding are less processor-intensive than other contemporary formats.

There are not many tools to encode videos to AMV format,   the most used software is freeware "AMV Video Converter" supporting following file formats:

  • AVI format file: *.avi
  • Windows Media format file: *.asf, *.wmv
  • MPEG1 format file: *.mpg, *.mpeg, *.dat
  • real player format file: *.rm. *.ram, *.rmvb
  • quick time format file: *.mov
  • MPEG2 format file: *.vob
  • Flash format file: *.swf



The AMV Video converter tool comes with AMV Convert Tool, Media Manager, AMV Player, MP3 Player Disk tool, and MP3 Player Update tool.

You can download Free AMV Video Converter Here (Size : 15.5 MB) >>


..omg! its taking me like forever to completely download this software. i wonder why this software needs a real huge bites! grrrr.... hope this 'll works though! dont wanna wai for nuthin!

nice software

aawww. this is really cool.. thanks..

What do you mean by "I can´t get full screen". It´s a f**k**g converter from regular video resolutions (640x480, etc.) to a tiny, post stamp sized , cheap Chinese "MP4" screen. Do you have a pocket player with a 15 inch screen? Come on!! As it is now, it does a hell of a good job.

Use Super (freeware) (home page) (executable)
to convert from just about any file type you can think of, resize your videos, set frame rate, etc. and export to avi. Confusing interface, but great converter!

Then use AMV convert (freeware)
to convert from avi to AMV format.

Both tools can convert groups of files in large batches, rather than one at a time.

That's so good


by:Generald Lianz on Indonesia

tHanKs fOr thIs CoNv3Rt3r

Will this amv converter be compatible with vista ?

Antivir tells me that the net.dll file contains the Trojan TR/Spy.Jiospy.G.

And why is this download file so big?

I have checked the files myself you should try other Anti-Virus engines, use the free online AV scanners , and pls. do post your scan result link here.

yeah he's correct..avast also detects net.dll as a trojan..i'm really confused

ithnks 4 free download .amv coverter thnks lot

after downloading whats next ??? i dnt know how to install this ., pls help ..

can you give me a full version of amv converter pls!!!!!
if you have just send to my email add pls!!!!!tjis is my email add pls!!!!!!!

I am trying to convert my 3gp video to amv. Can someone tell me what to do? Thanx in advance!


no coments. thanks


at the middle of the process the conversion stop and automatically goes 100% and the output video is cut and when i convert avi format to amv it just says error

yeah..same wit me..y??pls reply anybody??

thanks this converter is super
one more thanks
sayee chengam

I downloaded some 7mb software long ago
it looked kinda same
it also said it would convert RMVB to Avi or AMV
but it didn't
does this one do that??

hehe wow mkakapglagay n q ng video s mp4 q hehe

free download AMV converter

thank you

thank you

i'm happy get this software

pno po mgconvert?


Fake mp4 players need this!!...hahah...

Facking MP4/s!

its a zipp file, you need to extract first then install

Hope this will work

Thanks a Lot guys...


y does it appear "Format Error" everytime i play it on my mp4? but when i play it on my pc it played....please help me...???

ah.bkit gnun?.panu ba iconvert ung 3gp file sa amv file format?.pls help me.

hi poh.,. paano po ba ma download yang converter??

di ko kasi ma downlaod eh!! :(

just do this instruction:

Ask the management that's all !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oalh kang kang awakmu ngomong opo yo wong aku orak iso bahasane kui itu. pusing.

Apabila ada Huruf warna Merah Dan Subjeknya 0666 jangan dibaca, karena yang akan membaca akan mati pelan pelan kayak ikan habis di pukul balok

Thanks for this AMV converter..i can now watch video from my MP4 player.. ^_^

-Full Screen Mode-

There's a little bit problem when the video has been converted,'s the full screen problem, the normal setting of this converter isn't set to full screen mode, we have to change the setting before we convert the video, refer to : "answer" post (Submitted by Anonymous on Thu, 05/22/2008 - 13:16 Australia)
He said that : "click on the file you wish to convert, then click on the button with an Gear image, choose your desired setting and then begin to convert".Hope you'll get the full screen converted video, Thx to "answer" (Australia) post, ^_^

thank so much bro... for amv converter software [by:syeran]

Thanks for allow me to download.

ALO how i want to change video format avi,3gp or amv video format?plsss help me..

paano gagamitin ito

Just do this WAY:

ASk The Management Eng_t ka Nho!!!!!!!!

:-( dosn´t work with vista...but XP

hindi kaya kc and original na ipod...hehehhehe

comment agrandrir la taille (écran, pixel,....)de la vidéo .amv obtenue par l'amv converter

i don't know how to use this converter.. i felt a little difficulty in converting my video to amv file. pls teach me how!! arigatoo gozaimasu!

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