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Free AMV Video Converter

Many of you must have seen highly popular and very cheap chinese MP3/MP4/MTV players suamv_video_playerpporting a not so well known video format - .AMV, these S1 MP3 players claim to support MP4 videos but in reality suport the .AMV file format having low video compression ratio, low resolution and frame rate, the .AMV video file sizes are small as compared to DVD/VCD/etc. , also the encoding and decoding are less processor-intensive than other contemporary formats.

There are not many tools to encode videos to AMV format,   the most used software is freeware "AMV Video Converter" supporting following file formats:

  • AVI format file: *.avi
  • Windows Media format file: *.asf, *.wmv
  • MPEG1 format file: *.mpg, *.mpeg, *.dat
  • real player format file: *.rm. *.ram, *.rmvb
  • quick time format file: *.mov
  • MPEG2 format file: *.vob
  • Flash format file: *.swf



The AMV Video converter tool comes with AMV Convert Tool, Media Manager, AMV Player, MP3 Player Disk tool, and MP3 Player Update tool.

You can download Free AMV Video Converter Here (Size : 15.5 MB) >>


How long does it take to upload to the computer??

i have mp3/mp4 player,,when i convert wmv to amv,it only converts 34% of the video..
plss can someone help me...

i want to convert mtv to amv then i see with mp4

i have dwnld one softaare from ur web but it is very bad and not in working order . . . . . . .
so what i do ??????????????????????????


thank u ive been looking for this for ages , does NOT WORK ,the file is CORRUPT...No Lie.

Big size of downloading

We already have a copy of WINrar -- so why does this application keep insisting that I need to buy it? How can I move the program to the "old" file?

Your the Best!!!

For those who want to convert flv to amv, convert it first on other file format using "Total Video Converter"... Hahaha
Just search!

Thank you my hipstreet mp4 player used to be dumb but now... its a tank! Rawr.

It cannot convert mp4 to amv and also cannot convert avi videos

puta ang vovovo ng mga pinoy sa web na to bisaya pa!!vovo nyu...pak u..

????? ?????????? ?????? ?? ???????? ??? ????? ??3 ??????.
Give the reference please on the driver for this purpose ??3 a player.

12% only successful convert,not 100%...why??pls.. HELP..

i really really really really like the software...
thanks po kai bro...

thx man ;)

ok salamat..... marami.
nde xa trial vr.

Excellent and Friendly program !!!!

Thnx for d soft

i hope this one gonna work and solve my problem

thank u for soft

Thanks man you're a freak

thanks alot bro..i dunno wat to do if i din't find ur soft...u help me alot...yhanks 1 more time...

Hi, hv searched d net for a long time and found this hopefully full version for free. But unfortunately I am unable to download. Request to please provide the correct path..

Compressed (zipped) Folders Error

The Compressed (zipped) Folder is invalid or corrupted. says mine is corrupted too...

Any idea why?

I have been using a chipod (which supports only AMV video format) for 8 months and so far have only been playing music on it because I couldn't find any good AMV video converter.

Then, I found your article, downloaded the free AMV converter and -- at last! -- I am now able to play videos on my device! The AMV converter works great, though the converted audio is quite soft.

Thanks a lot! (*kneels and bows down*)

can i go to a website like and convert the URL link to an .AMV so i can watch music videos and other stuff like that without purchasing them

I hope this works, I've tried 3 other converters with no success, thanks in advance if it does.


The video just shows a black screen. Why? Please Reply. I have a Avi file.

Thank you! My MP4 spoiled and had to format .. man ... i love you! remains well and post more stuff on the Net!

Thanks so much for the amv converter, it helps me play videos on my mp3 player.

salamat sa converter mo tol :)

it says file is on zipped..... wont open..... HELP

You may also try this easy method to convert AMV to MP4, AVI, MOV, WMV, MKV, MPG, 3GP, etc

Es lo que estaba buscando para pasar un video que estaba en formato avi hacia el formato mp4. Gracias por la información

Thanks people the converter works great and converts files fast. I now am able to play my videos on my mp3/4 player. emanny

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