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Apple iPad 2 Leaked Video

While there is not much information available about the next-generation Apple iPad 2 the tablet is rumored to be releasing officially in February, 2011, the rumor-mill is once again hot after leak of the following video allegedly showing Apple iPad 2 which is said to be leaked from CES 2011 via an Chinese iPad accessory supplier.

Apple iPad 2

Full-video after the jump.


bring it on! : P


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honestly, i think this is probably fake. i mean, it's been known that different factories make fake copies of store brand technology like the Ipad, and could've made an enhanced one with cameras. even if it was real, apple would have taken it down five minutes after being put up.

on the other hand, it's been found that every real Ipad made has come with slots which are clear a camera would fit.

look at the iOS menu...

yeah....its obviously a fake.
the os is a fake one and moreover the "2" number could be an extra engraving on the ipad done by the owner to create more buzz around the world.

look at the statusbar clock.. it's a clone...

its fake
1. apple would never change the icons to those
2. as posted above, the statusbar looks bad
3. the camera would be on the other side, it is never on the same side as the sleep/wake button (at least not on the ihpone or any ipods with cameras)
4. The back camera looks different than the regular ones apple uses
5. it looks to childish with the bulky buttons and wierd look to it

If this really is the new ipad, everyone sell your stocks before to many others see this

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