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Apple caught copying design without permission

It seems these are bad days for Apple as far as negative press-coverage is concerned. After disastrous Apple Maps, the company has now been caught stealing design from Swiss Railways.

Apple is very strict when it comes to design and related copyright they own and Apple vs Samsung legal battle is an example of that, the blame is now on Apple for stealing a famous copyrighted clock design from Swiss Railways without there permission.

On the matter Swiss Railways spokesperson Reto Korman said "We’re trying to get in touch with Apple to settle this unauthorized use legally and financially."

Apple Copyright

It is also to be noted that Swiss watchmaker Mondaine Group is licensing this design from SBB and produces these watches professional for sale, they are also considering suing Apple for this unauthorized use of their intellectual property.

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in the trial apple vs samsung, apple sued samsung for copying their iDevice design for their (samsung) device, resulting in more people going to samsung instead of apple. In this case, how can the graphics of an app can result in the lost of money? it can only help that such a big company as apple use this design as it popularize it to a larger public resulting in more money for the Swiss Railways.

also comment about this article, could you mention what is this app displayed on the iPad, and with which version of iOS does it run?

The app is iPad Clock app in Apple iOS 6

Please do Sue apple, if only for the lulz.

After Steve Jobs Apple has not got any creative genius. That is why they stole a simple clock design from a Swiss Company. This makes the Apple users inferior and less happy.

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