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[EXCLUSIVE] - Illusive Apple iPhone 5 Seen in Justin Bieber Latest Video - Boyfriend !!!

Our reader "Thalib Frk" tipped us yesterday of a possible sighting of Apple iPhone 5 in the latest Justin Bieber video song - Boyfriend, while we cannot say whether this is true or not the phone featured in the video (shared after the jump) does have an Apple Logo.

Apple iPhone 5
Apple iPhone 5 Video
Apple iPhone 5 In Justin Video

This could definitely be an Apple iPhone4(S) with some video editing magic, but who knows ?


Justin Bieber and iPhone. What a match hahahaha

So someone actually watched a bieber video just to see this "iphone 5" ? .. crazy people...


C'mon guys, this is unbelievable....

This video editing has been seen so many times even kids know it... You put your own video over some devices screen so it looks like your video is showing on that device.

On this video they've probably tried to hide Apple's looks from iPhone 4, so they've streched their video all over device.

Can't believe you've made up a story about iPhone 5 about normal video editing :(

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