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Microsoft Fanboys Installs Huge Windows Logo Outside Apple Store !

Apple Vs Microsoft war is old, but mostly we hear about "Apple fanboys" doing crazy things showing their love for Apple products. However, this time Microsoft fanboys have taken the lead and installed a huge Windows logo outside an under construction Apple store in Hamburg, Germany - Watch the video which has gone viral after the jump.

MS Logo On Apple Store


How funny!!!!
There are no such thing as a 'Windows Fanboy' everyone hates Windows ;-)

..everybody hates windows but everybody uses it...

Fanboys... LOL - Look at colors... It isn't Winows logo...


The green and blue colors are in the wrong place. LOL

mac has till user friendly

'Windows Fanboy

Microsoft Windows is now best OS It More Good than stupid MAC OS & *** Linux.Mr. MAC BAD Boys Windows is Best more than other os.

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