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#Hairgate - Apple’s iPhone 6 Starts Plucking Beards And Hairs

As if Apple #bendgate was not enough, users are now reporting their new iPhone 6 is plucking out hairs from beards and heads. One such users tweeted - "The seam on my iPhone 6 where the aluminum meets the glass is definitely catching my hair and pulling it out,". The problem is now being confirmed by many (also, demonstrated on video as shared below) and it seems the fine gap between the aluminum casing and the glass front of the device is catching and pulling out people's hair. The same is now being called #hairgate/#seamgate/#beargate and as earlier the jokes are once again on Apple.

Apple iPhone 6 Hairgate


ok. Now this is getting ridiculous. I have a beard and I have never, I repeat never had a cell phone that didn't pull out the hairs. This whole hash tagging everything with the word "gate" was played out the moment it happened. I mean come on. This is tech news?! This is what everyone is talking about? Let's get real! A few morons sit on their phones and bend them and that's apples fault? Oh I know. "It's the front pocket too" you say. And they prove that by leaving it in their pocket for 12 hours straight doing nothing but heating up while they have an active day. Or post a video of them bending it with their hands. Stupid and stupid. And here's a little tidbit of info. That's not the first phone to bend under pressure. Surprise!! Let's get over it. If you don't want one then don't buy one. The android fanboy routine is old and irritating.

People somehow finds a way to make fun of the firm, but this one is really funny. Specially the image showing before and after iPhone 6 Plus.


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