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Blackra1n - All In One Jail-breaking Utility By GeoHot

iPhone jailbreak scene is getting very exciting with new emerging software tools promising easier and safe jailbreaking experience, after announcement of Sn0wBreeze from iH8sn0w famous iPhone hacker GeoHot has now announced a single jailbreaking utility for all Apple iPhone range of devices from iPod Touch to iPhone 3G/3GS; dubbed blackra1n the jailbreaking utility is expected to get launched soon and official domain is already online showing the teaser image below.



Thanks to everyone! GeoHot! Dev-team!

Finally we can now jail break our 3gs even the newest firmware 3.1.2.


Hurry up im not sure how long i can leave it up for!


Enjoy! Thanks again!

Haha sucks for apple.


Blackra1n is out!!!

Is blackrain only for the 3gs n not the 3g??

It just hangs while "running". Does not change the firmware in anyway.

same here

blackra1n put my iPhone in a recovery mode loop resulting in having to do a restore. I lost important data. thanks.

I did everything as per the tutorial even restored twice my phone already had 3,1,2 in it, restored and froze the phone up.The only way i could un freeze it was to hold the home and off buttons for a few seconds Easy my arse

This does nothing but force me to restore and update my phone. Guess it's worthwhile to put as much bad feedback out there so others will not buy into this "easy fix". Useless, absolutely USELESS.

after you see the restore mode, you have to run the jailbreak program on pc again, then your ipod touch will boot up and is jailbreaked. You do not have to restore!

blackra1n is a piece of shit it f*****d my phone up

ouch.... for those who gets stuck in recovery loop... just rerun blackra1n and its all good... you guys need to know you have the newer iphones with the new iboot which jailbreaking becomes more complicated... its all over the internet.. can't believe how much people don't read...

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