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Bypassing desktop browsing censorship when using mobile only data plans

Some cellphone carriers restrict users from desktop web-browsing on low value data plans and when trying to access any website from computer they are blocked and something similar to following is shown instead of loading the webpage.

Access Blocked on desktop By Aircel GPRS

While this is tested with Indian carrier Aircel, this should work on all carriers and data plans which allow web-surfing on mobile-phones but block access on desktop browsers. The trick is to send fake "web browser identifier" (User-Agent) to the server making them believe we are browsing through a mobile webbrowser.

To get this working you will need to spoof your User-agent string to some mobile browser like iPhone and this can be done easily using free addons for Firefox and Chrome web-browsers :

User-agent spoof addon for :


Because of this problem i have formatted my PC. Afterwards again it shows like this. Then i think about it and change settings in my mobile NOKIA 5310 XPRESSMUSIC. Then it worked.

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