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Bypassing desktop browsing censorship when using mobile only data plans

Some cellphone carriers restrict users from desktop web-browsing on low value data plans and when trying to access any website from computer they are blocked and something similar to following is shown instead of loading the webpage.

Access Blocked on desktop By Aircel GPRS

The easiest and fastest method to configure GPRS or 3G Data settings on your iPhone 4/3G/3GS for any operator

GPRSWe have shared tips on how to enter custom APN settings and activate GPRS/data connectivity on your Apple iPhone for BSNL and IDEA networks. However, there's a better, faster and easier way to configure your Apple Device with these custom GPRS/3G data APN settings world-over as shown after the jump.

Working GPRS On Apple iPhone

How To Activate IDEA GPRS On Apple iPhone 4/3G/3GS

In India Apple iPhone is neither a common-device nor is it officially available for any other service provider than Airtel and Vodafone, and hence customer-care representatives of non-iPhone carriers fail to provide a working GPRS settings for these devices. The same problem was faced by me while configuring IDEA GPRS on my friends Apple iPhone 4, luckily configuration was as simple as entering IDEA specific "APN" value just like we did in BSNL GPRS Configuration earlier.

Configuring Apple iPhone For Using BSNL 3G Service

Few days ago I shared a post on how to activate and setup BSNL 3G on your mobile phone, however, if you are using Apple iPhone 3G/3GS then sadly BSNL does not provide you any automated method to configure iPhone specific 3G settings, sending an SMS with iPhone as phone model to receive configuration settings result in the reply below.

BSNL 3G Configuration SMS

After lots of tinkering I was able to get BSNL 3G working on my Apple iPhone 3G and surprisingly all it needs is a single APN value to get configured as demonstrated below.

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