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Free Calls To USA & Canada

Lypp is offering free calls to Canada and North America till 31 October 2007, Lypp utilizes existing IM networks like Google Talk, iChat, ICQ, MSN, Jabber, AIM and Yahoo! to initialize group calls. To do so, users will send a command message to the Lypp IM bot with a command like: call [phone number, phone number, phone number]. Lypp will then call your phone and those of your friends, connecting all in a conference call.

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Has Anyone used it? If you did, how was it? really "free"?


Can we make calls to USA free, let me know

Magicjack is definitely the BEST especially to call USA or Canada (landlines or cell phones). Also Magicjack to magicjack is always FREE worldover. Rs 3500 first year and thereafter only Rs 800/year. Makes Vonage,worldphone, skype etc. look like dummies!! You can buy it in Mumbai tel: 09930801428

After I used Magic jack for a couple of months, I realized that there is a ripoff involved. Although Magic Jack is advertised as unlimited, free calling for a whole year, there is actually a limit on the number of minutes of outbound calling. Unfortunately, no one who has been cut off has been able to get an actual figure for this limit from Magic Jack employees (who are nearly impossible to get on the phone, btw). A simple Google search will show you what I mean (look for "Magic Jack scam," "Magic jack ripoff," etc.).

I still have incoming calls free (i.e., counts as local if calling from the US, wherever I am in the world), and for this reason, and the fact that I got a lot of minutes out of it in just those two months that it did work in, it's still probably the better deal out there. That said, duping customers and false advertising are crimes, and I hope complaints to the Better Business Bureau and some sort of a class action suit will happen soon.

i experienced exactly the same as yours..dont buy magic jack!its scam!

This is free till 31 October 2007, so why this post not deleted by admins.
This is wasting of time only.........

ok it its true that majic jaic is riffoff people it happend to i bought and was working for three month after it out bound call restrcted i got nothing back from them no coustmer service and only coumpture genrated person chat with dont waist u r money.

Well, if incoming calls are unlimited. Would using Google Voice help with that little problem since GV will call you first then connect to the person you are calling with?

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