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Splashtop OS - The Instant-On Addon For Your Existing Operating System

SplashTop LogoWe want our computers to be as fast as possible, and one of the most annoying issue with today's operating-systems has been slow booting time. While there are already various developments going on to make computer booting faster, how about an Instant-On addon to your existing operating-system for times when you want fast-access to internet, email, chat, multimedia and files on your computer without needing to boot-up the fully-loaded operating-system ?

Well if you said "yes" Splashtop OS is for you - a fast instant-on Linux-based platform running Chromium delivering power-on and go desktop experience, Splastop OS has been available for quite some time as an customized OEM bundle with various laptops and net-books and now has been made available for free to anyone as an install on top of your existing OS version.

Splashtop OS

After installation when you computer power is switched-on it boots into Splashtop which automatically boots-out to Windows after pre-configured time passes without any action.

Key Benefits include:

• Starts in seconds - way before Windows
• Features Instant Search powered by Bing
• Comes pre-installed with Adobe Flash® Player for complete web-experience

Various OEM Versions Of Splastop OS

Splastop OS In Action


Super program!
Those looking for a simple operating system on the Internet ..
And the advantage is really the speed .. really high speed!
Highly recommended ...

image quality was poor

Here is a list of currently supported platforms:
• HP Mini 110 • HP Pavilion dv4
• Compaq Mini CQ10 • HP Pavilion dv5
• HP Mini 210 • HP Pavilion dv6
• HP Pavilion dm4 • HP Pavilion dv7

UPDATE: A new beta of Splashtop OS has just been released to allow installation on a much broader range of devices and platforms. If your device is not one of the currently supported platforms listed above, you can still install and try Splashtop OS beta – you will be given a pre-boot menu with the option to launch Windows (default) or Splashtop OS. There are some known issues with screen resolutions and wifi support on some platforms tested. We encourage you to try it and share your experience via our support forum.

Can I install this ''Splashtop OS'' directly on currently running Windows XP OS

This add-on doesn't support windows operating systems? If yes, then why this website is advertising for that, while 90% people in this world use windows based operating systems.

this website is about technology and any thing related to it so i think it concern who want to know any thing new in technology :p

I had no problems getting Splashtop OS to work on my 5 year old Dell XP Pro SP3 laptop. It just adds a boot option, so you can choose whether to boot into XP or Splashtop. Ubuntu does this too.

Hardware Limitations:

  • only does 1024x768 screen resolution
  • doesn't recognize my Broadcom Ethernet card; only works with my WiFi
  • doesn't support Synaptics Multitouch features

You can add Apps from Google Chrome's web site.

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