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Mass Effect 3 Cracked And Released For Download Days Before Official Release

Digital age pirates have once again beaten the content-publishers with pre-retail release of full-version cracked game download of "Mass Effect 3", The game is currently available as a pre-order but a fully-cracked working copy of the game is now doing rounds on internet via the usual Torrents and file-locker services links.

Mass Effect 3 Pre-order

Handy work of underground scene group's named "DUPLEX" and "COMPLEX", the cracked-game is now available for XBOX 360 (Mass.Effect.3.XBOX360-COMPLEX, Size : 16.1 GB) and Playstation 3 (Mass.Effect.3.PS3-DUPLEX, Size : 13.89 GB), a cracked PC version is also expected soon.

NFO's of Warez Releases
XBOX 360
WARNING : Downloading of cracked, hacked and altered content is not only illegal and a crime but also not safe for your computer/device. This post is meant only for news purpose, any links to cracked copies of games in comments will not get published.


Leaked for Xbox360 uh.. And Publisher still hating on PC for piracy yet turning a blind eye to console piracy, when most leaks before release happens on console.

Do you need a modded x-box to use this cracked version?

where can u find the download links for ps3?

is there anywhere to download the ps3 version yet? if so how and where?

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