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[VIDEO] - Stuxnet: Anatomy Of A Computer Virus


I like this one..... Thanks for this!

What is the difference between al-kaida and these people.Shut down internet for Iran!

Iran is not the bad guy in this story. Iran is the one that is under attack.

Nice post it help me a lot.

This video explains the vulnerability of the Grid and computer-controlled infrastructure. Since the virus is hiding within the very micro-code of silicon devices, any microprocessor-controlled system can be infected without requiring network access. The return of the Dark Ages could be just around the corner. That little farm in the Amish countryside and an education in agriculture and animal husbandry may be your best investments.

Thank you for your post and your message I appreciate
Regards and respect to all

Very hyped up. And overdone.

Was it just me, or was i the only one who noticed the "destory" instead of destroy at 3:02?
Anyways good post, thanks.

what is stuxnet, can u explain..

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