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Dota 2 Guide for Newcomers

If you are striving to know why Dota 2 basks in the rays of popularity and devoted love of the fandom, there is no other way except testing the game and learning how to play it. Would you like to level up in Dota 2 playing from newbie to pro? If yes, you have to be familiar with all the basics, heroes and items. And who knows, this may be a way to Dota 2 betting which leads to fun, exciting Dota 2 bets and real money profit.
Basic information

Dota 2 gameplay is typical for any action real-time strategy: you have to collect virtual gold, improve skills, gain experience, fill inventory with items and, the most important, increase power and strength of the hero you chose.

There are two teams, each one has five players. The main mission is to attack the side of adversaries to destroy the main base. The winner of the game destroys the Ancient (base) first. The game itself consists of the early, mid and late periods.

It is feasible to place different kinds of bets at Dota 2 betting sites, such as, including bets on outcome of the whole game or its single round.

Experience and gold are acquired by killing enemies. The skills upgrade happens at the expense of experience, while gold is necessary for buying the items. Some items possess such a power that they can alter course and outcome of the game. Knowing these nuances lets gamers bet in Dota 2 in the most profitable manner.


The initial step in Dota 2 playing is to select a hero from “Single Draft” (3 randomly chosen heroes) or “All pick” (entire set of heroes) modes. The first mode is more preferable for beginners. Moreover, it is recommended to use support heroes at the beginning as they are easier to manage for newcomers.
Any Dota 2 bet website allows making the first blood predictions related to the question: which team will kill a hero from team of enemies first.


Players buy items from the shop in the team’s base. Certain items can be purchased in one load, others require multiple components that are called “recipe”. It is always better to look into the hero’s guide to select the most suitable build of items.

The popularity of eSports betting Dota 2 is on stable rise. Therefore, knowledge of the gameplay in detail might be helpful for the winning Dota 2 bet money and reaching new heights in playing.

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