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Apple iPhone and iPod Touch Cracked Applications and Games Now Possible

CrackulousApple iPhone and iPod Touch Games and applications purchased via the iTunes Store are protected with DRM and can only be used on a single device they were purchased for, but not anymore as Crackulous the one-click iPhone application cracker is here, the free application allows users to crack the protection and use application/games purchased via the iTunes Store on as many devices as you like, once installed on your iPhone or iPod Touch you can crack any game or application that you purchased via iTunes Store using a simple to use GUI, once cracked the decrypted .IPA files will get saved at /var/mobile/media/DecryptedIPAs/, from where it can be downloaded via SSH and shared with your friends or community.

iPhone Cracked Games

To install Crackulous use the simple instructions as follows :

  1. Launch Cydia, Click the Manage Tab.
  2. Now click the Sources option.
  3. iPhone Application Cracking Steps
  4. Click the Edit button.
  5. iPhone Application Cracking Steps
  6. Now click the Add button.
  7. Add Hackulous Cydia Repository URL :
  8. iPhone Application Cracking Steps
  9. Click Add Source.
  10. Hackulous source should now be visible.
  11. iPhone Application Cracking Steps
  12. Click and you will be presented with a list having Crackulous as an install option.
  13. iPhone Application Cracking Steps
  14. Click Crackulous and then click Install to start the installation.
  15. iPhone Application Cracking Steps
  16. Once installed simply launch the Crackulous, select the applications you want cracked and use the Crack option to begin the automated application cracking process.
  17. iPhone Cracked Games


Simply superb, they cant bound us, thanks for the tutorial worked 100% :)

So Great Work who Done thanx alot!!!!!

This is illegal copy of Crackulous. You can buy it legally at This version steals all your credit card info,and other sensitive data. iPhone users be very careful.

Crackulous is 100% free and anybody asking money for is a scammer.


Thanks a lot.

it get installed but doesnt start it closes after a second

it get installed but doesnt start it closes after a second

I followed the instructions and everything went perfect. My question now is, My Wife has an iphone 3g as well. If I crack all my stuff and the cracked apps I already installed, will they work on my Wifes iphone? She has not jailbroken hers and will not. I don't think they will work, but figured I would ask.

cant download some error

i have installed it in my ipod touch when i start it. it will automatically closed after a second....plz help me....

Hello! I've been reading your weblog for a while now and finally got the courage to go ahead and give you a shout out from Humble Tx! Just wanted to tell you keep up the good work!

people havin trouble opening the application either have ipod or iphone older than 3g.

There is no games application in my ipod(touch 8GB)...


hi, i have an iphone 3gs and i tried teh same procedure. the athing closes after a second.
i dont know whats going on.
please help

weneva m downloadin jus stops in d middle saying cachet failure:( wat do i do

It didnt work for me it wont even open the Hackulo thing so i dunno wot to do i followed everything and it didnt work ???? why not ????

i tried to install inmy iphone, bur it shows , HTTP/1.1 404 not found please help

Yeah I'm facin the same problem . Did you find any solution yet ?

while installing i got the message that it does not support iphone OS 3.0+ please help

i need help in relations with my apple i phone which is 2g and i need a help in relation with the software available on apple web site i.e quick office mobile suite is the same software works with my 8gb i phone as my phone is cracked in india.

kalpesh jain

i done everything but when i go to cracklous n try to install, it says could not find "HTTP/1.1 404 NOT FOUND"

doesnt work anymore cydia disabled the source

Works fine to me too. I think it works so well because I have just installed the 7.0 version of kaspersky internet security, on my laptop so I can relax because no threads, worms, Trojans or viruses can "knock on my computer's door" from now on.

The AV is not the topic to whrite hier about.

nybody cn help me,i hav installed but i cnt see crackulos in thtat cn nybody help me n im always seen this error pwncenter connection refused

I have heard about the video chatting facility in the new version of iPod is it true? if yes i want more details on the applications in it.

Not Working After Crack, Asks Me To Up Load But Always Find Error After 99% Upload Pls Help

My iPod touch 8gb games app not

when i open crackulous doens't apears me the "crack button"... help me

Great ! Thanks.

i cannot install installous 5 in my phone.. hw to install b4 version of installous

installous 5 not working.........

try vshare app from cydia and downlosd hipstore or appcake

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