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[EXCLUSIVE] Unlimited Free License Giveaway For Partition Table Doctor 3.5

Partition Table Doctor(PTD) is an powerful hard-disk partition table recovery tool, the utility can be a lifesaver when the disaster struck and your HDD partition table gets corrupted making data inaccessible - in such situations PTD makes it possible for users to automatically scan and repair the partition-table, MBR and boot-sector of partition error enabling data recovery on FAT16/ FAT32/NTFS/EXT2/EXT3/SWAP partitions of any IDE/ATA/SATA/SCSI hard-disk drive.

Partition Table Doctor makes it possible for advanced computer users to work with almost every aspect of partition-tables as it comes equipped with features like backup and restoration of partition table, rebuilding of partition table and MBR, making partition active, hiding of partition, scandisk, setting password for hard-disk, unlocking hard-disk, editing sectors, copying sectors, fill sectors on partition, and so on, the utility also supports creation of bootable emergency floppy-disk or CD making recovery possible even when the operating-system fails to boot.

Partition Table Doctor

Partition Table Doctor is available under a shareware license for $49.95 but under an exclusive giveaway ONLY for our readers the utility is being offered free to everybody by the parent company EASEUS, the utility is a must-have in your computer repair toolkit so don't let this opportunity go and do grab a full-version licensed legal version of the utility for future needs.

Latest fully-functional registered version of Partition Table Doctor 3.5 can be downloaded from here or here, we are not limiting the downloads or asking you to do anything to get it but if you are downloading please do leave a comment thanking EASEUS for the giveaway.


To be honest Partition Table Doctor has saved my data once when a computer technician used it to recover the corrupted hdd, thanks to admin and EASEUS now I have a personal copy just in-case.

Thanks guys keep up the good work

Thank you..
I hope it'll be useful someday..

Unfortunately Rapidshare is always too busy to be able to download anything. "Unfortunately right now our servers are overloaded and we have no more download slots left for non-members. Of course you can also try again later." I've not been able to download anything from there for about 3 months.

Any chance of a mirror to Hotfile or Mediafire?

Thanks either way. EASEUS puts out good software.

Many thanks, to you and especially to EASEUS!

Is anyone else having a problem with zip file??? Same problem from both sites???

Same trouble here, zip files corrupt from both locations

I tested & found that you get a corrupt file when using IE, but Opera & Fx download the file fine.

Hope this helps.

Thanks for this offer on a fine tool MegaLeecher!

Use Opera or Fx (don't know about Chrome) to avoid getting a corrupt file.

would you mind provide other link please.

Hi EASEUS is a very good software , i used it before and it was good , to retrive the info from the drive, thanks

good for any 'emergency toolkit', many thanks.

i hope i'm lucky

This program is an invaluable resource.

Very handy and powerful tool, thanks a lot



I very useful program as I used it before. I can't afford so seeking for an alternative. But now its free, I'm very very thankful to MegaLeecher and EASEUS.

I never use this, but now I will try.

thanks both megaleecher and EASEUS,
when acronis once ruined my partition,it was only PTD3.5 which could return back my partitions,just like nothing has happened,very fast and reliable.
now its new version must be more powerful.

Thanks, this is a great additional to any software toolbox.

Much apprecited.

it's v3.5 not 3.6,also latest release in their web site is 3.5

thanks a lot.....

thank you EASEUS for the gift

Very handy and powerful tool
Thanks guys

Thank you EASUS and of course, Megaleechers!!!

I will try it out so thanks to both Megaleecher and EASEUS for this program.

I hope I NEVER have to use your Partition Table Doctor, but it is nice to know that I will have a tool to aid in the recovery process.

Thank you very much for your kind and generous software gift!

Karl K.
McKinney, Texas

Thanks so much for this!

Found this blog post through search engines, and I see that you have some very interested and useful posts. I'll subscribe immediately. :D

I have never used this before but I will give it a try thanks very much

Thank you both for making Partition Table Doctor 3.6 available!

Wow, very cool.

This is a useful piece of software.

Thanks! Downloaded and installed. Btw, the version appears to be 3.5.

This is a useful peice of software.

Thank you EASEUS and Megaleechers.You both make a good thing with this oportunity. I am protected (I thing and I hope) about any disastre but just i case...


Thank you for providing this fully-functional registered version of EASEUS Partition Table Doctor.


Well, thanks, loaded, will try. Sure

This is great. Very glad to be able to get a copy.


Like the subject, never heard about this tool before, but yes I love to try it.

Thanks man.... very helpful...

Many thanks for this keen program...
Hat's off to Megaleecher and Easeus!!

Thanks Budy,,,

Very helpful

thanks guys thnk u very much....

thank you EASEUS for the gift !! muchh lovee!!

Thank you very much, your site is always helping me lot.

Thanks EASEUS for such a kind gesture. Had heard about your utility but was unable to try it. Now will pass on the report to all my friends.

thanks once again

Murali - Trichur - kerala - India

thanks a lot EASUS..!!

Thanks folks.
Some day I surely will need it.

Nice one! Thanx from Ukraine User!

Thanks EASUS this is a great gift i have been looking for a long time.

Thank you EASUS and of course, Megaleechers,for this valuable gift

This is a good thing by EASEUS. I hope to make full use of it.

Thanks for the opportunity to try your software. I will share it with my friends.

Thanks you!

Great job. Thanks

It works with Opera, thanks for the other link as well.

thank you EASUS

Dzi?ki bardzo firmie Easeus. Przydatny program.

I don't know much more about the software.But anyway thanx for providng us Free software

thanks a lot for providing us EASEUS

Thanks a lot for ur provideing...

thank you for this great software easus ... once again thank you very much

of the many hdd tools in the market for recovery, i once tried the famous and oft barked softwares with heavy price tags, found all of them useless and at day end ptd 3 saved my pc. A very simple program and hardly noise maker in the market, but this is what then saved my pc in a flash. Before restoring the partition table i also used active partition recovery 5.0 to recover the files from ntfs.And post that finally ptd restored my table and thus no needed for that data backup. Post that event i keep this two programs on my hdd and pendrive even though illegal versions. But then these two simple programs did the job. Now great to have a legal copy.A very hearty thanks to EASUS for this giveaway.

<3~ It brought back some files I had to delete because of a virus, but this time I was ready and purged the viruses with my anti-virus software before it could affect the computer (again).

Hi!I would love to win Partition Table Doctor 3.5
Thanks for giving this useful utility.

Thank you a lot but program refuses to start. My O.S. is Windows Vista Home premium.

alsalam 3likom:(islam greeting)

In fact, i don't know how 2 express my great thanx to ur company, coz of that great program (PTD), once i had a problem with my hard disk, which had v important and dear data on it, those were the photos of my only son, since his birth up to 2 years old, it was horrible feeling when i thought i would lose all these photos, but al7mdollellah (thanx God) that i could find that software that could help me to fix my hard disk ang get my son's photos back, thanx alot.

Thanks a lot ! EASEUS

Thanks for the giveaway ;)

I wanna thank you for this usefull software
I really nice to have it...
Thx again

Well I'm new here and yet I have found useful tools on this site....

Thank you EASEUS for the great giveaways and I hope that you will keep it up


Thank you for all your hard work guys. i love this site. i learned a lot of great things from here.

Keep up the great works!!!!!

Great thanks to easus and megaleecher!
It`s a great software -


to precisando salvar um disco meu,, os dados dele sumirao,, espero que me ajude

thank u

I also want to thank EASEUS for the giveaway :)
Really nice step~

Many thanks, to you and especially to EASEUS!

THANKS EASEUS for providing such an amazing software

EASUS thnx for providing it for free hope its cOOOOOOl

When The MBR of my hard was accidentally (on purpose) erased, this was tool that brought it back. It has saved my ass many times.

It's a very good software, no, it's great sofware, Great thanks to easus and megaleecher!

thanks for the giveaway....hoping this is the answer for my hard drive woes....

Thank you, Megaleecher, and Easus! The free download comes at a very opportune time for me- I did something rather stupid and I think that Partition Table Doctor will save the day [ well, at least a partition :>) ] for me! .

Thanks for this giveaway!

And a big thank you to EASUS which has already made a big impression for it's Partition Master software!!!

THX Easus & Megaleecher!!

Thanks a lot !

One of the most useful 'give-aways' I've seen so far...
- No doubt this will come in handy eventually.

Thank you very much... RePete

thanks EASEUS for the giveaway.

- a bunch for this software too!

Your site says it´s leaving the market, so I´m VERY pleased!

Regards from SWE

thanks ...verry great job

Many thanks to EASUS. This is the solution I've been lookin for.
I will try it after a recovery with TestDisk and iCare Data Recovery and give you feedback.

I've downloaded from the link you provide up there, but after I finished install it and try to open the program, it said that the program has stop working. I use Windows 7 here. Does it has something to do with the OS or why?

Thanks for the full version anyway :)

Many thamks to Esaeus...<3

Thank you, EASEUS!

Thank you. EASEUS

Thanks so much to EASEUS for the great, free tool. It saved me a lot of effort with a friend :)

Thank you, Megaleecher, and Easus!
I hope it works or im up the creek.


Oh what i great software........i love it and will keep it save.

Thanks! Great tool...

Thank Easeus very much!

Thank you, EASEUS!

I have not come across a better program for fixing hard disk drives,I have tried them all and this I the only one that works flawlessly.

I want to recover deleted files from the external hard and be free please.
this is an e-mail

Thank you very much for the PTD, it has helped me to restore my Hard Drive partition.
Truly appreciate

very nice program

Thanks Easues for the program. Can this program fix portable USB drive problems?

Pl. Inform me how can i boot ptd from usb flash drive

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