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Opera 11 Introduces Extensions - Popular Browser Addons Like Easy Youtube Video Downloader Starting To Appear In Catalog

Opera 11 Alpha is now available for public download fulfilling one of the most wanted feature request enabling support for browser extensions, introduction of browser Extensions now allows users to easily add new functionality to their Opera web-browser. To get started with addons users just need to click a button from the addon page hosted at Opera Extension Catalog and a small install window will appear confirming the install.

Opera Extension

Apart from introducing this major feature Opera 11 also comes with a host of improvements notable being an updated Presto 2.6.37 layout rendering engine promising a faster web-experience.

Developers have already started porting their browser extensions to Opera platform, one such hugely popular youtube video downloader extension "Easy Youtube Video Downloader" is now also available on Opera platform extending it's support from existing Firefox, Google Chrome and Apple Safari web-browsers.


Safari and Opera will always be worthless as long as they refuse to give us a way to block adware tracking cookies like all of the other browsers do. Do you like cleaning over 300 adware tracking cookies off of your hard drive every day like I did until I decided to do something about it?

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I have to agree with you on this one. I hate the flash ads, this is why my FireFox don't have flash install, "if" I want to watch flash, I use IE but my day to day surfing is with FireFox and no flash.

hi...............i am peternangkhai.i want googlechrom downloader


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