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Firefox Beats All To Get Crown Of Being The Most Stable Web-browser

After taking the crown for being the "fastest web-browser" in the latest 2013 Tom's Hardware benchmarks, the free and open-source web-browser Firefox grabbed another feather for it's cap by being the most stable of the lot. Sauce Labs an automated selenium unit testing service provider, crunched their data of more then 55+ million test runs and plotted the web-browser crash rate letting users a glimpse into the most stable and most crash-prone web-browser as shown below.

Firefox 22 Takes The Crown For World's Fastest Web-browser

Firefox 22 has taken the crown of being the world's fastest web-browser from Google Chrome in the latest authoritative benchmarks carried out by TomsHardware. The comprehensive web-browser benchmark uses geometric mean of various performance and non-performance metrics to score the final result.

Download Opera Next For Windows And Mac : Comes With New Look, Fast Chromium Rendering Engine, New Discover Feature And Super Fast Off-Road Browsing Mode

Opera has always been a light, reliable and fast web-browser, while a leading mobile web-browser it never really picked up on Desktop. Opera recently made the decision to use the fast and standard complaint Chromium rendering engine for there web-browser and has now finally revealed the result as Opera Next for Windows and Mac computers.

Opera Next has been developed from scratch to offer a completely revamped new look with a faster Chromium rendering engine, however it's similarity with Chrome web-browser ends there. Opera Next features the signature Speed Dial with a revamped sleek interface and new features like Discover, Stash, Off-road mode, Combined address and search bar and a new download manager as described in detail below with video demonstration.

Opera 11.10 Codenamed "Barracuda"

Opera 11.10Opera Team posted a teaser to the upcoming Opera Desktop Web-browser v 11.10 which is code-named "Barracuda", while no information regarding any expected feature of release dates were disclosed the Opera Team said that the first snapshot build of Barracuda will be made available in the near future, and take another popular Opera feature to the next level.

Opera Blog Announcement :

Opera 11 Beta Download Now Available Introducing Tab Stacking

After introducing browser extension in Opera 11 Alpha the new Opera 11 Beta build is out now adding another major functionality labelled "Tab Stacking". The new functionality is basically a tab-grouping feature allowing users to stack their tabs, grouping them by site or by theme reducing clutter making it easier to identify and work with sets of open tabs.

Opera 11 Tab Grouping

A video demonstration with other new features and improvements is posted after the jump.

Opera 11 Introduces Extensions - Popular Browser Addons Like Easy Youtube Video Downloader Starting To Appear In Catalog

Opera 11 Alpha is now available for public download fulfilling one of the most wanted feature request enabling support for browser extensions, introduction of browser Extensions now allows users to easily add new functionality to their Opera web-browser. To get started with addons users just need to click a button from the addon page hosted at Opera Extension Catalog and a small install window will appear confirming the install.

Opera Extension

Apart from introducing this major feature Opera 11 also comes with a host of improvements notable being an updated Presto 2.6.37 layout rendering engine promising a faster web-experience.

Opera 10.60 Released, Steals The Crown For Being The World's Fastest Web-browser

OperaOpera recently poked fun at Google Chrome speed advertisements and this time they have proved that Opera is indeed faster than Google Chrome holding the crown for being the world's fastest web-browser for the time-being.

Peacekeeper Benchmark Results - Opera 10.60 Vs Google Chrome 6.0

Web-browser Speed Benchmark - Google Chrome Vs Opera

Opera Proves Google Wrong, Says Opera Faster Than Potato !

The world's fastest web-browser war is nothing new, Opera has now came up with an funny video poking fun at Google Chrome's Speed Test video proving that Opera is indeed faster than the potato. The video is available for your pleasure after the jump.

Opera Speed Test

Opera Mini Now Available Officially For iPhone

Opera MiniQuite surprisingly Apple has accepted Opera web-browser on iTunes store; the popular mobile browser Opera Mini has finally made it to iPhone and iPod Touch and can be downloaded for free from the App Store right now.

Opera Mini For iPhone Opera Mini For iPhone

Opera Mini makes web-browsing faster and cost-efficient as it's servers compress data by up to 90% before sending it to your iPhone, so page-loads are lightning fast.

Opera 10.5 Final Released, Claims To Be The World's Fastest Web-Browser

Opera 10.5Opera 10.5 Pre-Alpha was promising and as expected the final version of Opera 10.5 Final is a pleasure to use, Opera 10.5 features the brand new Carakan JavaScript rendering engine which is said to be 7x faster than its predecessor, coupled with a brand-new interface design and support for latest web-technologies this browser is surely going to be hit.

Opera 10.5 Final

Opera is claiming their latest Windows browser release as worlds fastest web-browser, but in our benchmark tests using PeaceKeeper this claim does not seem to be valid as shown in the results below.

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