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Downloading MP3 And Other Files From eSnips

UPDATE # 1 - A more easier fully automated way to download eSnips files can be found here.

eSnips is an popular web 2.0 content sharing website allowing users to upload and share upto 5 GB of content including music, photos, videos and documents publicly, you can expect all sorts of music files, videos and ebooks on their network, the vast amount of files hosted on this service with an easy to use searchable database and interest based communities makes it the perfect place to download your choice of MP3 files, but eSnips no more allows audio-files to be downloaded and allows them to be played via embedded player only.

eSnips.Com MP3 Downloader

There exist quite a few different services to download files from eSnips but none of them currently work as eSnips tweaked their system to stop these kinds of direct download link generators, However, I found a workaround to get these existing tools work again with ease.

Simply follow the instructions as below for downloading files from eSnips:

  1. Visit eSnips and search file of your choice using the search box.
  2. Right-click and copy the file link location to clipboard.
  3. Paste the copied link into the eSnips direct link generator by Zuhaib, Click Generate Button and then use the Copy to Clipboard button to copy the direct download link as shown below.
  4. This direct link won't work as eSnips have changed their system and now checks for referral information, to get around this restriction simply paste the direct download link into the eSnips search result window and you will be able to save the file.

Zuhaib's eSnips Link Generator



kahan khol rahi hai esnip sab ch**tya bana rahe ho link do kahan hai

That was great help. Continue innovating.

Thanks, this works :)

Many's fine

Thanks from everybody who is using this ........

Yeah! I've been figuring this thing out for couples of week, still didn't found the way. You've change the world. Thanx dude!!!!!!!!

thanks a lot

Hi, great tool but do you know how I could possibly be able to link to some of my mp3's? I want to make a direct download of 'em. I hate esnips, man..


Where can i find " esnips search result window"? I couldn't find it nowhere. Would you tell where is it locates at. Thanks

Try the new automated downloader here -

I did not understand the meaning of following line- "simply paste the direct download link into the eSnips search result window and you will be able to save the file."

Which window you are talking about here.
I put the new generated download link in the URL place of the browser and also at the search place in page, both windows, I am not able to download the mp3.


Zuhaib removed his downloader, and now this is the only place to get it. By all means, please don't remove this!!!

worked without a hitch... thanks a lot... what's funny is I was willing to pay for ther music but it's so obscure that nobody had it for sale..

Thanks heaps!

Easy to use and it really works, tried a few diff ways and always got broken links. Neat program, well done and thank you!

The default settings have just been changed on eSnips, so you can download all files, including all mp3s directly from eSnips :)


Superb work - thanks a lot !

Zuhaib you're just gr8


I am Zuhaib. Kindly remove the swf file from your server. Thank you.

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