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Zone.Net VPS Hosting Review

Zone.Net LogoThis blog was started on a shared-hosting account and then got migrated to a fully-managed Zone.Net VPS hosting and stayed there for a long time, until the needs demanded a switch to a dedicated server 5-6 months ago which Zone was not providing at that time, I enjoyed my stay with ZONE.Net hosting and was willing to do a review about their hosting services since then but never found the leisure to do so, finally here I am doing a review for one of the cheapest and best VPS hosting provider out there.

business motto is to provide the best technology at a great price to the customer, and they seem to deliver that quiet well, during my stay at Zone hosting I found there VPS hosting to be extremely fast and reliable the company is in the hosting business since 1993 and the experience seems to help them get the very best out of the hardware and provide top-notch VPS hosting at unparalleled price.

Zone.Net VPS Hosting Control Panel

While Zone.Net offers excellent package at great prices, the support system needed a boost at that time as the average ticket response time was 2-3 hours on average (not bad at all but not the best), after reading some hosting reviews I think they have done some hard-work on that but still need to iron out some support issues, The staff is always responding well and resolves issues quite well the owner himself is an active WHT member and can be approached via forum.

Zone.Net Support System

Zone.Net Hosting Features:

  • Excellent servers at best price.
  • Wide range of fully managed and unmanaged VPS options.
  • Full VPS server control via Virtuozzo VPS Power Panel.
  • Fast 24x7 online, email and toll-free phone support.
  • Automatic pro-active ZoneAlert monitoring service.
  • ZoneVault remote data-backup service.
  • 99.99% Network & Server Uptime Guarantee

Zone.Net is still my number one choice and recommendation for webmasters looking for budget VPS servers, the company also provides special offers, discounts and additional addons from time to time, so keep an eye on hosting coupon sites for best deals.

Currently, this blog is hosted on a fully-managed WiredTree dedicated server having Intel Core 2 Duo E6300 CPU with 1 GB RAM, WiredTree servers are a bit expensive compared to some other companies, but the most critical parameters of any hosting service - performance and support are simply superb and top-notch at WiredTree.


I've been a customer (actually still am but not for much longer)for about a year now. Up until the major outage they had this week, their service worked well. Whenever I had an issue level 1 escalated to level 2 support and got to the problem very quickly. Overall, the service worked well enough and I was happy.

Here is where I become critical...

There was a outage this past weekend that had my VPS down from Friday to Monday (4 days). This is where their lack of support showed. First, the level 1 support can't do anything except forward tickets. You can't get anyone on the phone who can actually impact your situation. Second, the flood of calls meant that their level 2 support and higher took longer to respond. During normal situations this is fine...During a crisis, this is a nightmare. Third, the ticket system took hours at times for a response or action during the outage. Last, the web page they put up for the outage was not updated "every hour" as they stated. Their site even went down a few times.

In short, did not have the resources to deal with this outage in a graceful manner. The worse part was their lack of communication at all levels.

Granted, they are offering free service and backup systems for 3 months. The damage has already been done with me. I estimate that I lost customers with this outage in the thousands in those 4 days. I can't risk that happening again.

I signed up with because of their reputation as a solid company and happily recommended them...until this past weeks outage.

Nobody wants to move to a new service. It is a big pain. You only move if you have to. I've decided to leave

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I'm a member of a forum hosted on, (Itchmoforums), and we have had repeated outages with the last one still in progress now after a couple of weeks of downtime. Our admin can't get a response from Zone.

I would not recommend at all.


Isn't Itchmo forums owned by that LOL dweeb Ben Huh? His ditzy old cat ladies with way too much time on their hands and absolutely no technical knowledge appear to be the problem there.

Keep those drippy hot flash sweats & kitty litter out of the keyboard and those 'compooter' problems will magically resolve.

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