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Accelerate Video Loading For Sites Like YouTube & MetaCafe

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Speedbit - the makers of popular software "Download Accelerator Plus (DAP)" have came up with an interesting free software to speedup video loading of 60+ popular video websites like YouTube & MetaCafe, The new offering named SpeedBit Video Accelerator makes your videos stream faster and play smoother by reducing buffering problems and video interruptions or "hiccups".

The software assigns a proxy to your web browser and all connections to the video are routed through SpeedBit servers, utilizing multiple connections resulting in videos without breaks and pauses.

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Dear X,
Very happy new year, I want to see in my N91 hot video free loading


f**k dat speed bit it doesnt work properly.. what the f**k dont install it

This doesn't work at all. all you get is a small window displaying "Accelerating...". It still buffering in my 1mb line.
Another piece sh** just like DAP

dude i need a favour...ur usin a 1mb line ryt, is the video buffering speed really slow??? mail i thought f upgrading..let me know

This is a virus!!! Don't install! I just had to spend 2 hours removing all the components because they multiply to hide in your comp. It doesn't make youtube faster at all.

Crap - lost my email after downloading. Slow as ever plus brings up a new window that it's 'working'. Removed this and got my email back. JUNK!

Why Speed bit Video Accelerator,,,blocked My Proxy Server..!!
I used Mikrotik as My proxy Server..

Nothing different, always playing slowly

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