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Feedburner Hack To Increase Subscriber Count Overnight

FeedburnerHaving a big Feedburner subscriber count is one thing every blogger wants to flaunt about, but this subscriber count can be manipulated, the guys at posted a simple hack on how to increase your Feedburner subscriber count overnight using multiple subscription to the same feed on Netvibes, the flaw seems to have been fixed by NetVibes/FeedBurner and to my surprise a couple of Tech sites I subscribed to lost their feedburner subscriber count heavily.

UPDATE: The hack seems to work again, the test site at is showing 3737 feed readers.


Could you post some links to those Tech sites you subscribe too so we can verify this?

I cant post the links for obvious reasons, also I tried to have a look at Google Cache for old subscriber count but it is also showing the latest value which is approx. 20000 less then what that blog used to have !!!

Unfortunately people need to find some alternatives now !!:)

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