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Warning - Ultrasn0w 1.2.8 on iOS 6.1 is broken for iPhone 4 with Baseband 1.59.00

If you were unlucky enough to upgrade your Apple iPhone 4 to iOS 6.1 while preserving the baseband to 01.59.00, you must be facing fluctuating "No Service" and "One Bar Signal" bug after using Ultrasn0w which is supposed to work on the older baseband and newer iOS version.

fixing ultrasnow for iOS 6.1 and modem 1.59

This Apple iPhone 4 + iOS 6.1 + Modem 01.59.00 + Ultrasn0w 1.2.8 combination results in a major compatibility issue which results in cycling one bar of network and then No service every 20 seconds.

Unluckily, there has been no word from ultrasn0w developer team on this bug and things still remains unclear what could be the reason for this and will there be any solution to this or not.


I highly recommend you buy yourself a IMEI unlock from eBay. It works perfectly for me (iPhone 4 32GB) on T-Mobile. Good luck

Please read this. Its not from me, i have found it with google.You have only one service bar but it works.

I had the same problem as many of you. I have an iPhone 4 on preserved baseband 01.59.00. I used sn0wbreeze 2.9.10 / 2.9.11 to jailbreak 6.1.2 and preserve baseband. Immediately after jailbreak success, I found out that my signal is cycling between "searching / 1 bar / no service" every minute which essentially makes the phone useless for calling or 3G data. The no service cycling error does not seem to have anything to do with ultrasn0w since at this point I have not even installed it. I tried with activation / no activation / baseband preseve only + evasi0n separately without any success. I must have tried for hours, with many different combinations.

Installing ultrasn0w 1.2.8 will cause my phone to have no service all the time so I think 1.2.8 + iphone 4 + 01.59.00 + 1.2 has some issue.

However I did manage to get the cycle between "searching / 1 bar / no service" every minute to stop and now I'm left with 1 bar (all the time) without installing ultrasn0w. For those whose phone is locked to another carrier you probably need to wait for new ultrasn0w but the procedure I have below worked for me. edit: I only tried on a fresh install of 6.1.2 with sn0wbreeze, i4 01.59.00.

1) Get the latest version of redsn0w - 0.9.15b3. 2) Get the iphone 4 6.0 firmware iPhone3,1_6.0_10A403_Restore.ipsw (this is the latest supported by redsn0w for now) 3) Go into redsn0w, go to 'extras' select "select IPSW" and pick the 6.0 firmware 4) Go back to main menu, select jailbreak and perform a tethered jailbreak. 5) After its done, the phone should still be untethered but I find that the cycling is gone.

This should hopefully get your phone somewhat usable until there is a ultrasn0w fix for the 6.1.2 / 01.59.00 combination.

I don't really know why it works but I got desperate so it was worth a shot for you. I've used it for the past 2 hours and the phone no longer goes into "no service"

edit: Seems like if I restore from backup the problem occurs again. I'm not able to pinpoint what the portion of the restore is breaking it (settings, apps, etc.). Last night after I thought it worked (2 hours)I tried to restore all my old settings and apps and then the signal problem came back. If I run the jailbreak procedure above after I restore it will fail and the phone goes into restore loop. If I begin all over again then it'll work again - its just that I can't restore from backup.


this one worked. it was seen in the guide by thermzmaster. Additional links below on how to fix the push for imessage and facetime.

a fix for iphone 4 6.1.2 1.59 ultrasnow 1.2.8. (it worked for me and others who tried it in the links below)

thermzmaster found a way to stop the cycling. everything works except push, imessag facetime and still with one signal bar.

here is his guide:

after that GJCD stated that to fix push notifications you go to

after installing SAM, your phone will respring but with ACTIVATION REQUIRED. dont panic, a guide by Mohcine Ariani at will show you how to bypass the activation and the step by step in configuring SAM.
credit goes to the ones mentioned! i got my iphone 4 6.1.2 baseband 1.59.00 working(even push!) except for the one signal bar.

ithink it a good programe

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