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Free Utilities To Print Folder File List With Ease

Directory PrinterAt times we need to print listing of all file contained inside a directory, and if you are looking for a simple to use handy utility for this here are few good free options.

JR Directory Printer is an portable directory printer for Windows featuring recursive directory scanning with options to provide output in lowercase and DOS filenames with selectable file details.

Free Directory Lister For Windows

JR Directory Printer is the most easy to use directory printer but if you are looking for something more advanced with advanced formatting options and filtering conditions Karen's Directory Printer and LS - File List Generator would be the perfect choice.

Karen's Directory Printer

Karen's Directory Printer

LS - File List Generator

LS - File List Generator

Free Directory Printer Download Links :


JR Directory Printer Lacks features and is bad

Karen's Directory Printer does display the extensions of files even when you disabled displaying extensions. Futhermore you're not able to remove headers like the program name, etc.

LS - File List Generator isn't that bad but it shows a nag screen that urges you to buy the program while exiting the program.

DirectoryListPrint is an excellent program created by Infonautics GMBH Switzerland..........

I am using another portable freeware tool to list files and folders. It is called Filelist Creator and has lots of additional features. You can export your files as image, text file or HTML table, you can select columns (like file name, file size, attributes, associated applications,...), it supports unicode, you can group files and lots of other things. So I think, this tool should be mentioned...

Thanks for this great free tool

This tool has free trial period
Directory Report
It can print many file attributes, and
It can print directly to MS-Excel - very cool

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