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Exclusive Free PPTP VPN Account Giveaway For Our Blog Readers From VPNHERE

We have reviewed many Free and Paid VPN services on this blog and had given away numerous free VPN accounts to our readers, today here is another opportunity to grab an free VPN account as premium VPN service provider 'VPNHERE' sponsors accounts for our readers.

VPNHERE is an PPTP protocol based service meaning that you can use it from any device supporting the protocol i.e. Windows, Mac, Linux and even mobile-devices like iPhone out-of-the-box without requiring any third-party software. The most amazing feature of this service is that unlike other paid VPN services VPNHERE provides you access to more than 200 IP's from servers across the globe (USA,UK,EU,CA,HK,JP,India...) from a single account - meaning you don't need to hunt for other Proxy services to bypass censorship when accessing country specific content on internet.

Bypass Country Specific Censorship And Enjoy TV Channels From Across The Globe
Bypass Video Restrictions
Easiest Way To Get Secure And Anonymous Internet Access On Mobile Devices Like iPhone
iPhone VPN Service

VPN Here Features :

  • Secure encrypted connection with unlimited bandwidth.
  • Bypass all blocked web sites, such as adult, poker, sensitive sites easily!
  • Needs no extra software.
  • Watch your favorite TV program online bypassing country specific censorship
  • Lots of server's all over the world(US,UK,EU,CA,HK,JP...) with access to more than 200 ip's in one account

VPNHERE ( is sponsoring 30 free one month accounts for our readers and to participate in the giveaway all you need to do is to click the 'Facebook Like' button below to get the instructions.

UPDATE # The giveaway is finally over and here are the 30 lucky winners out of total 132 who participated, the account emails are on their way

Free VPN Account Winners


i did click the facebook like button
with my facebook login
& no instruction


i need vpn

wow such a gr8 post...congrats man u rock...hope to win this one:)

I wish to win this great software

Uh oh. I 'liked' the page I got from Google Reader. I thought that only 2 other people liked it. That's a problem since the like button on links just depends on the address, including variables. I hope I can still get one :(

i need vpn

Thanks Megaleecher.

hey its really cool.. i Want this software...

i pray dat i may win..

thank u..

Hi Admin,

Looking forward on free VPNHere premium service if there is any chance to put me on your list.

Thank you,

looking forward to vpn software.gr8 work by u guys!!

i ve done all they asked me to do!!:!
put them on my facebook account
and finally they dont want to give me the free account!!!

I have been looking for a free vpn service for my iphone..

I really need one.. i read the blog regularly.. Its quite helpful
but i alwaz miss the freebies.. can i get one.. please :)

What to do ? I looked around nothing there.

hi dear
i need free vpn plz help me

hi i need free vpn plz help me

Man once you posted about that HIDEIP VPN lifetime account, that account still rocks and the coolest VPN for me at least.The above one is just for one month, So I think it's not worth.

I would love to get invate please

I received the mail with an account details but the connection to the VPN server doesn't work for me!
I don’t know way, I followed this howto :

Thanks for giving me the opportunity to test the VPN service. I have received the invite. Thanks for the prompt response from the Admin team. Cheers >> ravi.
Would post the feedback shortly.

I got it. But right now can't connect.

Thank you very much!!!!! I have receive my account!!!!

Fantastic. Many thanks.

Thank you!! u rock

thanks a lot

Thanks for your present

Wow, I got my account. Thanks

Thanks a lot to Megaleecher and VPNHERE !
I received my account and I'm very happy with it.

Very cool idea !

hai I need free VPN please send it to me thank you

Please send me a link

Thanks admin, I got the account for free VPNHERA, will do a comment after I do setting up on VPN run a test, thanks again.

thanxs bros got the free vpn beginning test in 3.....2.......1.....

I want a FREE VPN account

One time setup VPNhere, everything working well and connected to the server. It's will take me few weeks to get used with VPNhere on their progress, stability and speed. So far HideIPVPN still ahead on VPN group. Will do more detail comment on VPNhere on coming day. Thanks admin and VPNhere for VPNhere service.

Thanks for the free account!

Thanks for the Vpn......

thank you for the VPN

Thanks a lot...I Got my account mail.

I need a vpn..i am from iran..and the goverment filtered so mnany esites..even

nice stuff dude.. after..KISS

i need vpn

Hi everone am going really crazy to find a VPN that can work on my iPhone for the restricted. Websites can anyone help and save the last fuse in my brain?

hi i need free vpn plz help me

hi i need free vpn plz help

I also need one

i like vpn how could i gt one?

i want a vpn free account

hi i need free vpn plz help me

hi,,,,how r u all????? can i got vbn free????thank you have a nice day...

Thank you for the share and i hope that i am granted a privileged to having an account,. Thanks in anticipation to my request and appeal

thanks in advance

free vpn

i need free vpn please!

Good luck to everybody, thanks.

Canada Free VPN Free Hotspot Shield from Canada

Dial-Up Phonebook

Having a VPN connection will surely make your internet usage secure and anonymous.

hi > tnx for vpn
very very good
i live in iran
i need a new vpn , new pass and new user
tank you very much.

hi >
i live in iran
i need a new vpn
i dont go to internet and facebook
please help me.
please send ip for my email :

hi i need free vpn plz help me

thank you

hi i need free vpn plz help me

could you tell me what is the vpn password for iPhone and PC?

Great article ...Thanks for your great information, the contents are quiet interesting. I will be waiting for your next post.

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