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TuneUp Utilities 2011 Released, Exclusive Genuine License Giveaway For Our Readers

Various free and paid computer maintenance and optimization utilities have been reviewed on this blog but none comes close to our old-time favorite TuneUp Utilities. Brand new TuneUp Utilities 2011 is out now featuring some great new enhancements and functionality, we have been provided with EXCLUSIVE free licenses to giveaway for our readers read-on for details.

Released on October 27, 2010, TuneUp Utilities Version 2011 takes PC optimization to a whole new level with inclusion of a significant new addition labelled TuneUp Program Deactivator powered with newly built TuneUp Programs-on-Demand Technology. This new version of TuneUp Utilities provides noticeable gains in performance and maximum stability through regular maintenance and new or improved functionalities.

TuneUp Utilities 2011

New and improved TuneUp Utilities 2011 :

  • TuneUp Program Deactivator.
  • Provides better performance gains than ever before
  • Prevents programs from consuming too many resources
  • Offers a refined interface with faster access to key functionality with “Overview of all functions” view: Users gain instant access to all 32 features and settings modifiable by
    TuneUp Utilities in one place.
  • Gives more control over almost any aspect of an operating system and third-party
  • Turbo Mode now has 10 times more control, shutting down 70 background features
  • 32 features and settings in the new “Overview of all functions” view
  • Completely compatible with Windows® 7, either 32-bit and 64-bit
  • Thousands – the number of startup programs described and categorized by TuneUp experts
  • 200 checks performed by the Fix Problems assistant
  • Deleted data is overwritten in 35 stages using the Gutmann approach
  • And much more...
TuneUp Utilities 2011 Picture Tour

32 functions accessible from New "Overview of all functions" Start Center

TuneUp Program Deactivator

All time hit - 1-Click Maintenance

TuneUp Utilities System Tray Controller
We have been provided with three full-version activation licenses for latest version of TuneUp Utilities 2011 for our blog readers, to participate in the giveaway post a comment below why do you think TuneUp Utilities 2011 is best for your PC optimization needs. Also, don't forget to leave your email address (in email filed and NOT in comment body) as well as socially promote this post.

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all in one package, old version was very quick and useful, new version must be better

Yeah.. Tuneup 2011 is great.. hope i can get a product key for megaleecher..
Thanks alot.. If can.. Send to my inbox..

this program is fantastic.

This program is fantastic.


Well there are lots of comments of the i dont think so my comment will grab this license,so only hope that i can have this key to TWEAK my pc by one of the best software TUNEUP UTILITIES..thankyou

I have downloaded the trial version of the Tuneup Uyilities 2011 and it is working well with my windows7 64 bits. Thanks

TuneUp utilities does a great job at reclaiming and stabilizing the performance of your system. I've turned my family and friends onto this program and it's save me from a lot of phonecalls asking that I fix a slow PC. The best part is that it requires no expertise - the program does it all for you . . . of course those that know what they're doing can get as granular as they want. Brilliant.

A great app that is easy and efficient in Turbo Mode ... increasing battery life considerably by switching to Windows Basic mode and disabling services.

By far the best suite of tune up facilities on the market. Bar none!

TuneUp Utilities is the best suite of system maintenance facilities. Bar none!

hope i'm not too late for the draw A great software for keeping your pc running quickly

hope i'm not too late for the draw

a great program for keeping your pc running quickly

I am thankful for getting serial key for IPhider. I am using it well in UAE, shared info about your web to them, and i hope you receiving more traffic.
But i need this software to clear cache regularly and much more relevant stuff attached to the system.
Will wait for email with serial key.

Tune up Utilities is really very good software, I downloaded the trial version and it is really awesome specially when using the turbo version. This is really a must have program for tuning up your windows.normaly I used a 2009 version,but when I win one license of 2011.......
count me in

I Have been using this TuneUp for 2 years now. I think its offers the best performance for my computer based on my needs. Its simply the best in fixing registry problems,, hard drives. It also has turbo mode which speeds up my computer. I would love to have a free serial key because i have been subscribed to megaleecher for a long long time. You guys always inform me on new things.
I hope I get a free key, if not ill have to save up and buy the product.

i have been using tune up utilities for more than two yer , i graded this software as a grade bec we can change our visual style ,and theme and our icons many more , we can optimize our computer very easy and we can free our space in the hard disc. in this 2011 easy handling ie if we want to any option we easily go this menu........

tune up utilities rock.........

i used the previous version, and it's cool..

TuneUp Utilities 2011 The best!!!

This is so awesome!!!

Love this program. very useful software

I should be very thankful for Tuneup2010 version because i was encountering much issues before installing this nice software which rescued my system from most of my problems and i hope this latest version will help us in making our systems a trouble free.

hey megaleecher thanx a ton for such an awesome give away.
i particularly like this utility since it is the best as compared to other utilities..
thanx for making my pc LIFE SO EASY

Perfect software, great registry cleaning.

Tuneup is so usefull software for pc.....i used its earlier version and want the new version....

I no sissy for trying new software to improve experience on my pc. I've many programs that were rated higher than Tune Up Utilities, but none could compare to the stability that Tune Up gave my PC after repairs.

My rating is 5/5. Or *****/*****

Please Count Me In For Tune Up 2011 , i am regularly following your site and am a huge fan of it , thnx for the giveaway please count me in.
Please mail me @

tuneup utilities is one of the best program i had ever used so i would like to recommend every one to use this as it is tension free program to keep your system clean and up to date everyday.

I'm really a fan of tuneup utilities....I've been using it foe 2 years...currently I've 2010 version and want to use the 2011 I need the serial for it.It's 1-click maintenance is cool and free up disk space helps me gaining hard disk space.So please send me the serial.

Yes I agree tune up utilities is best for overall pc maintainence. I have used its earlier version and I can assure nobody can give the output as this software can give.
Tune up utilities is just awesome.

tune up utilities is the unique software , i hope i can get its product key

i have been using the tneup utilities 2010 and i want to update it to new version i.e. 2011 for this i also advertise this product through feed burner so please send me the licence key for the new tuneup utilities 2011.thanks

compared to other products, it maintains relatively simple easy-to-use interface

seems pretty easy to use

This is a great program. Never had a problem tweaking and correcting errors with it in my system. I've been using it since Tune up 2007.

Read more:

Tune up utilities 2011 is the best utility software i have ever used.This software has the ability to provides a new life to a slow and old pc by tuning it up to its maximum potential.
I really like this software and i want it on my pc.
I have tweeted this post on twitter.
Link is

Thanks for the giveaway,

TuneUp Utilities is simple to use, is one of the most complete system utilities.

I ve been using tune up for the last 4 yrs and every year they are coming with new innovations.
So its simply the best tool to improve ur PC performance.

OK, we all agree it is a great program. How do we get the promised keys???

sorry, but where is the license code?
pleas send to

A perfect program to save money, do not have to take your computer to the Service Center. :-D

Thank you megaleecheer.

How can I take serial key or genuine version from Tuneup 2011??????

It is an excellent software, maximizing the use of computers in a vital and important. Is the Best Software, Maintenance and Repair Optimization.
This Version 2011 is much better. Since I use my PC TuneUp Utilities is much faster and with more health. Not imagine using my computer without the indispensable help of this program.
For all, an amazing program that does not miss on any PC. With TuneUp everything works better.

Thanks and greetings from chile.


Tuneup 2011 the most used program by the user as the comments on this program shows how much this program must be usefull and is really sefull all the features 1 click maintenance , turbo mode ,increase speed ,fix problems the key is given to me or not but the program is the best i have no words for this prog

i am using tuneup utilities since 2006 and it is great software for repairing and speedup your computer

plese send a licence key

I'm currently using CCleaner, but look at the above review I would say- Tune-up utilities 2011 has a lot more utilities. It looks like all you require to keep your laptop in good condition. Actually it will clean up all the junk files no other utilities will even know exist.
Nice HouseKeeping!!!

its like a medicine for my pc . like a heath tonic and power booster, its a great application.

It looks like i really need this for m laptop, bought a modest gaming laptop, for games and uni, but i relise now id be better off with just a really cheap lappy, need a product key to run faster

Well I am currently using different applications for tunning and different for optimization, i was looking for single point application for all these uses and i think this is the best......

Downloaded the trail.
Great program. Better than the ones I've been looking to purchase.

Would really appreciate the key so I can continue to use, thanks.

Keep up the great work

Thanks for this giveaway opportunity.
I have used 2009 and using 2010 version. I loved using Turbo Mode in TuneUp 2010, and am please to see improvements for the same in 2011 version.

The new feature of Program Deactivator is going to be a killer addition to TuneUp pack. This is something for which I had to install additional software apart from TuneUp. With the addition of Program Deactivator, it is going to be ONLY TuneUp for me..

It would be great if I could win a license for this MUST tool.


Looking forward to using this program!! thx!


The intuitive Start Center of net Tune Up 2011 with a fresh look and feel gives a complete control and access to the most important tuning steps which are:

Optimize system

Get rid of those PC brakes and drop the dead weight in programs: for maximum speed whether working, surfing, or playing!

Gain disk space

Fix problems

Fix the most common Windows® problems, scan your hard disk and restore deleted files.

Customize Windows

Change the visual appearance of Windows® to match your style and safely modify over 400 Windows® settings.

Overview of all functions

Professional users have direct access to 32 optimization tools TuneUp Utilities 2011

Read more:

Its is a fantastic program. You need just one program to completely enhance your pc experience...........what more do u need from a software.


This programs is great. It Defrags , cleans and optimize your computer for the fastest speed possible.

i'm not a tech savy person. quite simple and use my lappy for normal use. This would slow down my lappy to the extent that I have to take it to the computer shop for repair.

I tried for free the Tune Up 2009 version from a german promotion and was quite immpressed. I was wondering if the computer shop person uses the same things and makes huge know what.

It is going to be very helpful if I could win the 2011 version. As I read your post above, I am very amazed and excited.

john d

Been using the 2009 and 2010 both are great and the newer one must be perfect


this is the best cleaner for windows.!
Its the Best Software.

Please Give the serial key for 2011 edition.



I've been using it since 2007 and it is the best decision I've ever made regarding my PC. Every version of TuneUp is really fantastic and let me manage my computer in a safer way. 2011 version is going to be my new adquisition, for sure.

I had it in old version 2008, all has been work very great. Great tool lot of useful tool like cleaning and optimization and tweak system. i would like recommend for using it. I will be much appreciated to join it and have a new tune up 2011. I will be grateful to have one.

Please send my on mail e-mail:

Thank you in advance,



A one huge product that no other competitive products ...

my earlier comment never appreared.
So in short to say TuneUp helped me in cleaning my laptop and making it ru smoother and faster. I would like to win the latest version. Please do count me.

john d

Grate program. Grate utilities. Grate giveaway

This is one of the best software to tuning up the performance of my PC,.. Thx,. ^_~,

Tuneup Utilities 2011 is simply best soft to care and maintenance of PC,Thanks Megaleecher for this info,and giving full version license.

can share your key, if the mail :

I got this product from megaleecher, back two years I am using it, and suggested many people and friends. Tuneup utility really rocks.

I have used and tuneup, and advanced system care pro, avg and tuneup ... I can say that none of these programs I was pleased. intrb me what optimizes, what if I delete these programs from your computer after several uses, I wake up the Windows system crashes or you want to uninstall any program from your computer or install any program, Windows warns me that the missing files Windows based to allow programs to install or uninstall it from your computer. and after you uninstall a program, and leftover food that we need, why not wipe the debris and optimizing the contrary, they delete vital Windows components that I need?

now I do not use any optimization program, even an anti virus in my computer. I instalt programs I need and I have absolutely no problem in running the system faster. but if i install an antivirus program or a tweak, computer performance greatly decreases immediately. I ask myself, why are these programs? harder to navigate my computer and the Internet, or what?

good program my pc is really slow and it helps a LOT i have been looking for a free version everywhere

i am using this version it is more user friendly and works well eith most windows

I have use all version of tuneup utilities.
Would like to beta test instead of cracking it.
Easier than Norton Utilities, sandra, pctools,etc.
no crashes after changes, tui is just fine and easy.
2 kid's on master's degrees, and no grant's for master's and no money for software for dad, So, send license, so I don't have to crack 2011,
Sorry for the cracking!

I am tired of being stuck in the mud of a sucking slow computer and am sure TuneUp Utilities 2011 will be the answer I need!

I have Windows 7 and it crashes constantly. I have to run scans over and over before anything gets fixed!!!

I sure would like to try this version as I have used 2009 quite often

well, i do not try before but heard too much about its profarmence, i wanna try please give me keys.. thanks will refer to others.

Enjoyed the service last year, with ez to read and navigate menses. This years version already has marked visual improvements which make it ez for the family to enjoy and use.

TuneUp Utilities 2011 is a great utility to use to have your PC running in top shape. The menus make it easy to use.


Over the years, decades now, i have tried various optimization programs in an effort to keep my PC sharp, with a varying degree of success. I can honestly say that Tuneup 2011 is the Ginsu knives of maintainence programs, allowing the user a great and flexible degree of control over their system that truly results in a faster, safer and stablized computer. I reckon that the chances of receiving a free license are slim to none, having tried similar offers in the past. But for those of you like me who are searching for a real and well thought out tool, Tuneup 2011 will not disappoint (unless you are cash strapped, as well).

Cant do much without it, reduces serious lag issues and greatly increases product production.

I used tune up utilities 2006,2007,2008,2009,2010 and I want to use 2011 version.

Tune up utilities is the best software for maintenance system
It's very easy for using :)

Thank you for this great opportunities.

Been using this product in the past and got to admit that it does what it is known for, tuning up the pc/laptop. Definitely worth having for those days you wish you had a solution for making your pc run faster without all the junk slowing it down. Great Product, Great Tool.

Hi ..:)
Thanks a lot for conducting this great giveaway. I got an email notification from the that I won the TuneUp Utilities 2011 giveaway. I'm glad that I won one of the best PC optimization software. I've received the license. Once again many thanks.

Av used tuneup utilities for years and have no regrets. It has made the performance of my computer significantly improve

TuneUp is the best all-in-one software utility for windows users like me: maintaining your computer smart and clean is a kid's game!

Currently i am using tuneup utilities 2010. It is a very good software. i want the genuine key of 2011 version.

I am currently using 2010 version of this great and awesome software. i am in need of this 2011 version software.
Kindly select me....
Gururaja A Rao.

I use tune up ytility since 2009 & like it very much.
it increase the system speed & also perform many function in new versions...

Tuneup has eased my support life with family and friends. Being the "computer guy" can be very taxing, but a few years ago I happened upon Tuneup and started recommending it to my circle and the calls to help revive slow systems have decreased significantly. The 1-Click maintenance option is excellent for a novice who doesn't need to get granular just click it and fix it. Great utility for maintaining a healthy computer system.

Thanks and Deepesh for the key. I felt honored to get the key. Thanks once again :)

Thanks for the information on this great utility to help make my computer safer and run faster.

tune up is good utilites i m used it to tune my slow pc to get best performence so try this utilities it good for yur health of pc

I've used TuneUp to clean my registry and compress it. Love it! Look forward to getting a full registered copy of v2011!


Thanks for a nice, popular and powerful utility(TuneUp)..giveaway..

The new OnDemand Technology….is very different technology….that no other utility….has…till now…
I want to extract this new technology in v2011 by winning a license…

Please count me in..



Thanks for a great giveaway...for all the readers of
Even now I am a reader of from today..

I am a great fan of TuneUp...
They are doing a great job by creating such a user friendly software...

Now you are also doing a great work by giving a genuine license of 2011..Hatz off!!


Ive been using tuneup utilities since my 1st PC(intel pentium -p3). And this is my 4th PC running on Intel Core2Duo+4GB ram with windows & ultimate. But Im still a huge fan of tuneup.
Ive tried 2011 and it seemz it offers quite more than 2010. Looking foward to intall it permanantly..

This is the best software yet. it is certainly better than 2010.

Tune Up helps to increase the pc performance...
Its gr8...

Great, i like this software, i'm still using the 2009 version on windows Xp. Pls add me to the drawing.

most useful program than ever

Easy to use and truly best at what it does compared to the competitors.

thanks.. i really need this version, i use TU 2009.

I'm Using It it's the best pc optimizer
but i need it's serial key

i have been used tune up utilities for three year.. it helps me a lot in improving my computer performance..

tune up startup manager is the one i like most.. easily i can disable or enable startup program depand on my need..

another one is customize windows... i can change my windows appearance with my own..

now i'm using tuneup2010 and hope can get the new one..thanks

Im not sure if Im to late...I have just now been able to afford my own lap top and want to keep it in the best possible shape I can,please,please select me to recieve a license. I stumbled upon this website today and will be spending quite a bit of time here for the next little bit ;)

Been using Tuneup since 2007 version and I can say it rocks! Never been disappointed and 2011...bring it on!

HI, I posted yesterday but I dont think I registered correctly. I have since used this program and am in Love! Please if there is any way I would love to secure a license, I stay at home and take care of my sick husband, my computer is my link to the outside world...I am limited on my computer knowledge and as stated before havent had my computer for very long. this program made a lot of difference and I really liked how it helped! please consider me for a license as I really cant afford to purchase, I would be very sad to see this program go!!! Thank you for taking the time to read this entry.

i'm using tune up utilities since 2008 until now and it is the best utilities software i ever had.

Tune-up's new feature deactivation of application is very useful. Because I always install tiny softwares any sone heavy ones also like photoshop but I barely need them once in a month. This is so helpful for saving memory and busts performance of my win 7.

TuneUp utilities listed as one of the best System Care for your computers. I've been using it so to tweak my Desktop computer speed and performance.. :) Overall rating: 4/5

tuneup utilities 2011 is best PC optimizer and i like its skin and theme.

it's really a nice program doing many functions at once .thank u guys for it.

I have used Tune Up 2009, and found it a very useful program. When I purchased the TU 2009 i was looking for an easy to use program and not a "hobby". I am looking forward to testing 2011

The minute I activated TuneUp Utilities in 2009, my computer thanked me by running faster than it did when it came out of the box. Ar least, if it couldn't really go that fast, I sure thought it was better than new. I said, you're welcome/bitte, and I'm sure it even went faster,

Its the best, i like it.

I've used TuneUp Utilities 2010 and it's a great. Time for 2011.

You can't get a better tool for a repair and cleanup tool that is easy to use then TuneUp 2011.

Great product and easy to use.

I have tried many products and I could hardly say anything good about them. Tuneup 2011 is a lot better than anything else I have tried before...

Yeah.. Tuneup 2011 is great.. hope i can get a product key for megaleecher..

I used it a lot last year. I have always thought it was the best. There are other good programs out there, but none as simply automated as this program.

Because my computer isn't top notch and i enjoy playing newer games who take my computer to its limits and it's time wasting to do all the stuff tuneup does by itself, like closing background services and etc.

I've used previous versions and found it always useful.

Hi, currently I have TuneUp 2009 on my notebook. It really help to optimize my notebook
. the most thing i prefer is it can clean away the restore point that taken away most of the hard disk space. it can help to assess those software installe and give a reminder to uninstall if they are no more in use n specially the startup process.



ths softwre is fab. It manages my pc & speeds up........& i hv been using ths 4 last 3 yrs.................

Used older versions in the past and this was one great program and it sounds like they made it better.

I'll try it. seems tobe alotof positive comments.

Ive never used this software but I'd like to give it a try.Thanks

TuneUp Utilities 2011 is so easy to understand. I've tried other programs to improve my sluggish Dell but none have done a very good job. Worse, they are not user friendly and I spend most of my time Googling terms to determine if something is safe to delete. Your program makes recommendations which is exactly what I need, and so do my friends who are no help at all when it comes to pc maintenance.

This a great program.I hope that megaleecher would send me a full version key so i can enjoy the capabilities of it after the trial.

tuneup is best utilities before it i never such as program to easy work and just in simple click .

Tuneup realy is fantastic suite tools. I have used trial version.

I is the best that i have come across in a while.

This is Fantastic

I have been using Tuneup 2009 for several years now, never a problem.

Tune up is the best ever utility i ever used...
simplicity is what makes tuneup one of its kind.
Its so simple to understand, specially one click maintainance is so good
that i cant believe its so simple.
i simply love tune up.

thanks megaleecher

Read more:

its the pest program ever maid! friendly

tune up 2011 is a great product, would love to have a activation key. Thanks to megaleecher and the makers of tune up

Clean what windows mess-up

TuneUp utilities listed as one of the best System Care for your computers. I've been using it so to tweak my Desktop computer speed and performance.. :) Overall rating: 4/5

Thanks megaleecher for sharing this info.. :)



Use since 2006, 2007,2008,2009,2010. Only left 2011.

Yes tune up is very best s/w for PC, It Tuning PC for Upgrading processing speed make PC more faster as much it full utilization possible.
So i convey this msg to all PC users please try this and reply they see after using this s/w....

I think think this program is the best utilitie program on the market. My computer is in great shape because of it. Thank you

It is one of the best optimizer and tweaker programs, because it gives you ability to control almost every thing in your OS and beside that it has nice tools to optimize,speedup,cleaning and...your system.

thanks...and please count me in!

Even if I don't get a key, I believe from older versions that it's actually a great product, [not flawless, can amongst others interfere with programs and services you may need at startup if not configured carefully], all the same works as advertised.

Repeat Comment:

My earlier comment somehow disappeared. Anyway if the 2010 version is a valid yardstick then it's a great program [not flawless as it can interfere with critical startup programs and services if live optimization at startup is enabled]. That said I will recommend it to anyone, especially those using an old HP clunker like me

ive used this for years its a great program easy to use and ive got to say the best program of its type.

have used previous version, think its one of the best available,, actually was hoping for new version from santa, maybe he's late

merry christmas to all

Really a Great Program.

Got to be the BEST !!!

I have used many different tune up utilities, this one appears to be the complete package, very exctited about using it.

Tuneup, is the best utility to keep windows at optimum performance. totally love it!

I love it!!

I have been using tune-up utilities since its first version and i couldn't find an alternative since then.....the best ever software grows and grows...I love every bit of it. The guys who developed must me be crowned king of the tunup software industry. Keep up the good work guys and hope to see more in the coming new year. Thumbs up for Tune-up utitlities. Cheers.

I have used & recommended Tuneup Utilities for a few years now..Excellent computer utility bar none!!!

i am a great fan of tuneup utilities and also of megaleecher.
i need a key for my tuneup utilites 2011 or 2010.i am using trial version of tuneup utilities 2011.i will hope to get a key of tuneup utilities from megaleecher thanx

Windows Tuneup Utilities is probably the best tool to improve the performance of your computer.

Thanks Megaleecher and thanks to TuneUp

Great program. Version 2010 allows me to keep a "clean system ". The system is more stable and maintains efficiency.

this program is exceptional been using tuneup since 2007

great program more improved since ive been using it 2007

Great, Great, Great. Best ever. Can't go without it.
Thanks and Marry Christmas to all.

it is indeed a great software...i love it!!!

so far the best and to date utilities ever provided for A PC
it is none other than TUNEUP UTILITIES 2011 so computer users worldwide use it wisely and safely greatest product to hit the since the computer was first created.

I Have used a 09 Version of this,its really amazing.
i hope i could win a 2011 version of it.

This software is amazing because it is comprehensive! Thank you!

this program is fantastic.

I find this program addresses what my current Vista 64 bit needs the most, managing the registry and and keeping the hive in order. I don't know if Windows 7 addressing the problems of Vista, but you need the right tools to keep Vista up and running with any stability. And thankyou Megaleecher.

Since I am broke, I still use XP and my hope is that this utility package will be able to restore some speed and increase the functionally of my computer.

If it is all that you say, it could very well be the miracle I have been hoping for to help bring back efficient operations to my poor machine

Using Tune-up Utilities. I find it best pack of utilities.

I prefer Tune up Utilities as it is one of the best tool for complete optimization of the PC.

Tune Up Utilities 2011
it is one of the best pc optimization tools I have ever seen.
it consist so many tools to increase the speed of your pc and so much more.
the turbo boost is really amazing increasing the speed of the pc by shutting down almost 70 processes

I am using 2010 and find the utilities are most useful.

i have just tried the trial version and its awesome hope i am not to late to have a the full version really speed up my computer and got rid of some old files

keep up the the gd work ml


Tun up 2010 was the best thing that happend to my computer! it runed so slow before tun up 2010 but after it! dam! i tough i did get a new computer

i got infected by a maleware today :( i need a program to fix my computer! :D

Happy new year!

this program is great.

I am a regular user of Tuneup Utilities. I love this program.
Hoping the you will send a copy of the same.

i have been using this program since 2008 version, this one is great as previous versions

I just choose TuneUp Utilities 2011 simply because it is a program of care and maintenance of the best computer I've ever used.

Thank for giveaway, Megaleecher

Just have to say, it is one of the best programs out there, offers more help in one program than the 5 free ones i have, gotta say it works great

I've been using the 2009 version since, well, 2009 - paid for it & everything. I've tried a host of other tweakers, but TU is by far the most comprehensive (and SAFE!). So... I was particularly enthused about digging into the 2011 version, thanks to the good folks @ MegaLeecher. The improvements in the user interface alone would sure make it difficult to revert back to the '09 version, so the need to make this a permanent install has been established. I await your blessing with the Product Key with gratitude in my heart.

this program is fantastic and wonde....

I have been using this tool a long time ago, and then it helped to run computer nice and smooth. Hope that new version of this have a same effect

it's really a great spftware i used ir since 2008 and i can't leave it or use another software

thank you

used tuneup2010 really great hope i get product key 4 tuneup2011

TuneUp 2011 makes optimizing your computer a breeze. I am not a tech-savvy individual when it comes to computing but TuneUp 2011 makes everything seem easy with its recommendation lists of possible actions and remedies.

This is a must-have in every computer!

Tune-Up utilities was my best and only utility from 2008
fast and got the job done

i am poor man. i have no money to pay for tuneup utilities 2011.
please give me product key.

Thank you for that giveaway.. consider me too, because it is really the best computer optimizing software i ha ve ever seen. been using 2009 version.

a nice giveway of tune up utility 2011,i need it becoz i runs a old pc which has slows down..i cannot afford it price tooo..i need it to keep my pc run faster...if i will get a key,for that,thanks bro

This is a great fixer upper program,compared to others I've used, it is quick and easy to navigate and finds problems other tune up utilities I use even better.

Just downloaded the trial and tried in my old netbook... and the result is superb..

make me curious to have an activation key :)

I had a slow computer till I downloaded and ran TuneUps 2009, now my computer starts quicker and my web pages load faster. I recommend this program to everyone.

I'm going to try the trial and see if it speeds up my computer. It would be great to have an activation key to keep it running.

the best in the globe. love it.

This is the best software I've ever tried. It allows users to customize so many things! I love it most for the Windows aspect customization. It's also very easy to use!

Yep it's one of a kind... :)

I use tune up utilities since 2007.It give my pc more stable and fast other than other product.thx megaleecher


Thanks for TuneUp Utilities 2011 giveaway opportunity and thanks for the nice review about TuneUp Utilities 2011. I have used TuneUp Utilities 2010 trial and it worked wonderfully to make my PC clean from junk file/registry and better speed and performance. With new features on 2011 version i.e TuneUp Program Deactivator with TuneUp Programs-on-Demand Technology and other new better features, It would be great for maintenance and optimize my PC.

TuneUp Utilities does not corrupt the operating system or make the PC unstable after a while like other products I tested. When it fixwes the registry etc, it remains stable.

it's really amazing. tuneup utility not only fix problem but also speed up system, very work full

thnxxx to u megaleecher... for giving me this opportunity.... hope u will send me the key to my inbox

This program is great. Set it up and forget about it. It runs in the back ground. You wouldn't be leave all the errors it found on my system. I hope I get a license key.

Tuneup utilities 2011 is an excellent product. It has a lot of features. Its turbo mode is awesome. I love this product.

currently I'm using Tuneup 2010 and It has greatly increased my system performance. Also this software is very user friendly and powerful program. so I really love that software. Hope I will win the license


Gracias por la posibilidad saludos desde Uruguay

This one of the Best utiletie voor the computer i no.
I jus it every to monds.

I like this utility because it is very intuitive to use - an all in one package like Microsoft Office. Tune up utilities 2011 offers practically everything an everyday pc user will ever need to keep his or her operating optimal and efficient.

It stays on my machine.

Thanks Megaleecher!

I've been using Tuneup Utilities since Tuneup 2008. Compared to other PC Docs, I have no problem with maintaining my PC's. It would be great to attain this 2011 product. I hope I can have it as it is part of the package I give to customers I offered in installing their PCs.

If not to late count me, please. I need that license. THX

This is awesome software for PC maintenance and we does not have to bother a lot.

This is great software

Exceeds all expectations
Thank you very much

One stop solution for Pc problems

There are so many tune up programs out there right now, but TuneUP 2011 seems to come closest to being the one stop program for keeping your PC running fast and staying healthy.

Tuneup 2011 is great.. hope i can get a product key for megaleecher..
Thanks alot.. If can.. Send to my inbox..

Tune Up Utilities 2011
it is one of the best pc optimization tools I have ever seen.
I hope to receive full license

great fixer upper

It improved my harddrvie performance massively!!

Nice and very useful to me..
This program help me tune up my computer.

Great utility, use 2009 version before, would like to update.

tune up is the best ever utility i ever used...
simplicity is what makes tuneup one of its kind.
Its so simple to understand, specially one click maintenance is so good
that i cant believe its so simple.
i simply love tune up.

plz send me the serial number

thanks megaleecher

Thanks for the offer . I will use the TuneUp 2011 and retire the old ones.

its awesome

TuneUp is so clever, easy to install and setup. FANTASTIC job!

Was noticeable boost in speed and performance for my PC...

Thanks megaleecher

I think a free offer is a great way to get to know a product. Thank you!

great software, I use the 2009 and would love to use the 2011 if I can get it

this is fantastic well done

Have used this for years, it really is an all encompassing utility so you dont need other ones installed.

Tuneup Utilities is one of the best System care software. I love this. I used before Tuneup Utilities 2009 and 2010. They were also pretty good and still I'm using the version of 2010. I also wish like everyone here to win this one of the free license key. Hope, I might be selected. By the way, this version appearance and options, working area, over all every aspects of this software are greatly increased, deeper and more effective than previous any other version.

I'm using this program since at least 5 years and it works really well! Really easy to understand and it does the job fast and good!! Just simply love it:) !!


my system was really really slow..but after installing tune up utility..i m loving my pc..ty

tuneup utilities is a very good for clean your pc.i am using it.

I used to think IObit was good, but after the update, some crucial tools were made pro only... i guess i'll switch to this one =)

tune up is the best ever utility..

this utility maintenance lost of work on real time .

all feature are great

my personal option all of computer user are use this utility and feel error free computing

Tune is The best optimization Tool ,,,
it has a lot of features ,,
it is very simple to use ,.

itz very cool and nice software and it increase speed of your pc....

I love Tuneup Utilities 2011 because it hes helped check my computer very well and has cleaned every unwanted crap from my computer

I am a genuine xp user. My PC contains the latest hardware. But my pc needs a doctor like tuneup utilities to make it lighting fast. So please give me a genuine license key for it...........?

tune up is the best program i ever used and very easy to deal with

the best program i ever used to speed up my computer and very user friendly

every single program in it is very useful to speed up your computer in just seconds

I'ved been using both Advanced uninstaller Pro and TuneUp Utilities. And I can say that
TuneUp Utilities is more dependable than uninstaller Pro especially when it comes to cleaning and defragmenting
the REGISTRY and Optimizing your PC to inrease its performance. TuneUp Utilities also had this features that can modifies your Windows Appearance.

tuneup utilities really great in increase start up speed


I'ved tried TuneUpUtilities 2008 and 2010 versions,
and its very useful its an all in one tool for my PC
Optimizer, Cleaner, Organizer, Data Recovery, and shall i say
a good designer for the appearance of my PC.
This is the reason why i want to have the 2011 version,
i want to see whats the additional features added in the 2011
version. :-)

Thanks in advance to megaleecher...

My laptop is having lagging problems as it was an old one. Since I used TuneUp 2008, my performance improved a lot and it sped up my laptop a lot. Thanks TuneUp. The best tuning software I've used so far. Thanks Megaleecher for posting this too. Very detailed. Can't wait to try out the new features!

because all features in one software.

thanks megaleecher

My computer is always picking up rogue additions to the registry and runs slower and slower the more it is used. Tune up utillities will not only restore my sytem but should keep it there. I need 2011 version.



Iam using tuneup utility 2010 with an exciting experience

this is one of the better tuneup programs that i have tried everyone needs this program so what are you waiting for go for it


Can I use this in Mac OS too? or is this only for windows?


TuneUp Rulez!!!

tuneup 2011 made my computer run so mutch faster a CANT LIVE WITHOUT PROGRAM!!!!!!!

tuneup utilities is always my number one choice for pc utilities. very reliable and does the job well all the time.

its easy user interface, and make computer faster...

This is a great fixer upper program,compared to others I've used, it is quick and easy to navigate and finds problems other tune up utilities I use even better.

...EXTREMELY IMPRESSED. During that trial, I really felt confident and comfortable that I finally the included tools to do almost everything - all in one program.

I very much would like to have a license to use it.

Thank you.


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