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BufferZone Pro v 4 - Free Sandboxing Utility For PC Security Without Anti-virus

Sandboxing is the ultimate solution for computer security, free sandboxing utility for Windows computers BufferZone Pro creates a separate environment allowing users unlimited freedom to enjoy all Internet activities without the fear of any external security threats from internet or removable media, and that too without bogging down your computer like other traditional anti-malware solutions. A brand new version "BufferZone Pro v 4" of this very useful, handy utility is out now featuring 64 bit support, enhanced removable devices protection capabilities, improved performance, improved compatibility, improved stability and enhanced support for enterprise deployment.

Bufferzone Introduction

BufferZone uses the "The Virtual Zone: Prevention Approach to PC Security" creating a separate- or virtual - environment that isolates security threats and prevents them from ever touching the user's hard drive. Trustware's patented Threat Virtualization software allows users to securely browse the web and safely download, install and operate applications without fear of malicious or unidentified attacks by Trojan horses, worms, keyloggers, spyware, Adware, phishing attempts or other computer-clogging malware. Direct download links and images after the jump.

BufferZone Pro Sandbox Control Center

BufferZone Pro Security Configuration

BufferZone Pro Firewall

BufferZone Pro Configuration

BufferZone Pro Right-click Menu Options

Download BufferZone Pro v 4:


Hmmm.. The good thing about sandbox is knowing that if a program comes with a rouger, trojan, malware. It automaticly install the program quarintine the melicous. Avast free home edition is now running with sandbox for now over 5months now. But this still does not stop all roaming virus. I always install avast since its free, does not nag you about protection, update definition in the background and notify you once about it updating, automatic notify you of quarintine virus and i also install malwarebyte since its a great anti malware program.

Bufferzone sounds like a new and upcoming antivirus program but i see alot of not wants of nagging notifications. :/ I still trust in avast for my clients who wants a "free" protection since now it comes with sandbox

Man..It just slowed down my laptop & made it nearly unusable to a great deal. So, uninstalled it for now. May be will reinstall n try it out on a Virtual machine first.

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