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Trick For Unlimited Free Calls To Landline And Mobile Phones Anywhere In India

PhoneMany free phone calling tips have been posted on this blog but this one blows them all, instead of regular PC-to-phone VOIP calls this trick allows users to enjoy unlimited phone-to-phone calls anywhere in India.

Unlimited Free Calls To India

To make this work all you need to do is to follow the simple to use instructions below :

  1. Go to
  2. Click the Post Ad button
  3. Create Ad
  4. Fill in the form to create your ad, wait for one hour for your advertisement to get listed.
  5. After an hour go back to and search your ad.
  6. Open you ad and instead of your number enter your destination number and click Talk Now.
  7. Unlimited Free Calls To India
  8. Both destination and your phone will receive calls from Rediff Local and get connected, Each call is limited to 1 minute 30 seconds but you can repeat the process as many times you want.
  9. You can also pass on this listing URL to your friends so they can call you for free.


yaar...its showing....."Sorry! call could not be started now. Please try again"

This service is now not working for new users

I have talked to some std numbers and it works!!!!!!!!! though it disconnects in one minute but is good!!!!

Hi , I tried to download it but its not downloading. Can U send me the Link or file and the requisite for starting a Talk to anywhere to L.Line or Mobile. I just read ur comments and thought that perhaps U may Help me .My mail is



i'm not living in india yar!

u can only speak for 1min 30sec

So wat do expect???
Free call for hours...huh?

hi how are you i hope you are fine i wana ask you i try to signup in that zebsite to free calls but its sed number too long so i will happy to get your nace help and thank you so mutch take care of you and i hope you help me and thankx more this is my e-mail

Please send full url address into my no

hai megaleecher ty for the tip i'm making 14 free calls thru 3 numbers ty very much !!!!!!!!!

wow its nice

sir its nice but cals ar elimitd at any nubr and this limit isonly one time mean if u cros ur limis u nevr cal again at that nubr,,,,n can u tell who can delet our ad from this site to make new acount add..can nay bdy improv it to make more unlimitd cal at any nubr .or also r r their any othr trik,,,

Great friend. If you have any more sms me on 9922110018. Paid bhi chalega.

i m new user but not working for new user help me

i have not yet tried this trik, i will try now.. pls add some more calling tricks to save my mobile bill.... thank u.

Exceptional.. it works great .. But it is limited.. for particular no..

It works :)

m in saudia. wanna make call to india. but its nt wrking. is shws no Post Ad is available. so wt i do for it ?

i'm glad that this trick works but this only for local nos. and cannot used more than two times a day so in a way it's of use

i am happy but how it work.

Its not working

Hey, why do u think of free stuff being free-is just commercial for them to make more money, go to by yourself a phone with a good calling plan and quite complaining.

thanks for free call

hw u download it ?

I am resitered on post ads servive but
they are not create my account in search.
It's not working what can be I do????????????

this does not work. the biggest nuisance is that i am getting calls from rediff which announces someone has seen my adv and wants to talk after the beep.then it connects to some poor guy who has no idea and is a victim like me.take me off this joke.HOW DO I STOP THIS NONSENSE? pl advice.thanks.

Dialsimple has lowered the rates to call India and now you can make call to India just in 1.99 cents per minute and get a crystal clear voice without worrying about the balance expiring in month time or weeks time as in most of the other providers case.

it really works man.....i tried it today and just working like a charm...thnx a ton.....will share it with my friends too..keep it up.. :)

showing error message invalid no

iam sannu

hey friends..i can free calls in usa or canada mobile or landline please get me on my cell 7878199889.....then i explain you how to make calls in usa or canada only.....from any where.
my name is rutvik shah..u can text me or call..ya u can email to me...

I want to know how to make call india from uk to India with best possible calling rates. Can anyone suggest me something?

wow great
these are just a few of many that work reply for more WORKING sites.

Hi Friends,

its indian search engine growing in all over the world just try it once and give our nation a power for grow.

Just click on follow the address:

Friends i need ur help
How i can call to india from uk by computer to mobile
Tell me.
I'm new for this

Mail me at

i want to post my add but how can i fill MAP YOURSELF field in the form.
it showing green color when i am entering mumbai but when i am pressing tab the error occurs "Please fill in all the details marked?
please gived me solution for fill map yourself field and post my add successfully.

Thank you very much for sharing this informative article with us guys!

how to get download

I use magicjack plus that i got from my local dealer in Delhi.

I think the site was

Before that i have used Skype but the sound quality was not always working thats why i change to magicjack

hi fends,
today i tried to experience free calling to any mobile in india but unfortunatly i did not get success . So plz plz help me to save my mobile bill.

hi gayss can you tell me how I can call in pakistan free if you have any link or website please tell me
and now we give you that is capable of doing this work in a short time
and who will do first is better than all

it is save money good thing

hello? you are my student my all brother ? all work is coompleat i amvery happay " i like it >

Hello, This website provides free calling to all over India . This works 100% I tried it my self..

plz send me free calling application window mobile ya pc softwear pls send me

I don't live in india and I cant find the POST AD

My home town is Kolkata, India. I live in London.I use O2 (Unlimited UK minutes). I want Unlimited free call to India. So how it is possible please tell me. my email id

its not working what to do.please send me a mail on my e-mail address...

"Fill in the form to create your ad, wait for one hour for your advertisement to get listed.
After an hour go back to"

omg omfg u wait for one hour!!! u stupid

Hey friends here I have a Best Trick for you all for Free call for 2 minutes & it's Absolutely free. Just go to this site---->>> & just click on Register as a New user Account then Login or Register
Visit Voice call page here
Click Dial number
Dial mobile number and click call
Click Yes connect my call
First Site2sms will connect your friend’s mobile then your mobile……….You will be able to talk for 2 mins.

making call in this is very time consuming process,eg somebody will give you a loaf of bread and butter,to get that you have to go 1 km ,by the time ,butter will melt, also 1 km for one loaf will feel more hungry
no use of it

I love making free calls and that is why I keep searching the internet for such offers. Guess what, I really like wat you have shared and hope that many are too enjoying free calls to India. And for international alls, you can try out the free 30 minute calling which I just landed on and still testing as well. Bravo!

Hello friend this is exciting site that provides free calls of 4 minutes to anywhere in India. It provides 20 minutes daily. It also provides you free 460 character SMS. which is extint now.
To enjoy this site which is completely free.

1.. Visit here
2. Register with new a/c
3. You will get four digit password by sms to your mobile
Login with your password
5. Click on Make call from top menu
6. Enter number and contiue
7. Click call now first fcall will call you, once you pick it will call to second number
8. Enjoy 4 minutes taking
9. Also try 460 character SMS.
Additional Feature :
Mobile Tracking
Ip tracking
Great thing about
Crstal clear voice
No waiting in queue
4 minutes of calling.

Hey, any android app. For this or I've to open it from main browser.
How many min. Would I get per day

That's the nice trick. Keep it up!

Hey,, it is'nt working ....
Shows internet error

I guess its not working.. You should go with this website as they are providing 100 minutes free for the sign up.

Free call India

With Smartgroschen app, you can make cheapest phone calls to all mobiles and landline in the world from your smartphones
and tablet without sim card.

Note:you can try Smartgroschen phone calls to mobiles and landlines, because at start you get 0,50 euro gratis!

Main features:

- free calls between Smartgroschen users,
- free text chats,
- free text chats with video clips attached,
- free text chats with pictures attached like MMS,
- geo target functionality,
- short movie attachments,
- audio attachments,
- photo attachments,
- delivery confirmation,
- free conference calls,
- free emoticons,
- support for PUSH notifications. Push notifications guarantee that you never miss a call or message, even when Smartgroschen is off.
- voicemail as mp3 to email delivery,


Great stuff! thanks for sharing

good for making prank call and it works!!!

Nice it worked ... very good

Hello All,

Is there any way / software to make and receive calls from Landline To Landline / Mobile & Mobile To Landline / Mobile using a desktop computer or laptop?


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