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Free "Microsoft Flight" Game For Windows Now Available For Download

Microsoft Flight

Everybody loves free games and when the offering is a well-known popular Flight Simulator game from "Microsoft" the excitement is definitely more. The newest version of Microsoft’s popular Flight Simulator game "Microsoft Flight" is now absolutely free, the game is more of an arcade-styled now and so the simulator tag is no more.

Microsoft Flight
The sky's the limit! Now anyone can enjoy the fun, freedom and adventure of flight. Feel the power at your fingertips as you take to the skies and launch into thrilling missions and exciting challenges over the free-to-play Big Island of Hawaii. Take off today and fly into the ever-expanding world of Microsoft Flight.
Download Free Microsoft Flight Game :


muy bueno espectacular

I had hoped to try this program years ago, shortly after it first came out, but couldn't afford it.

I bet nvidia GTX680 ti graphic card will
be a monster for this game!

And i would like to try it!
Thanks admin for the reviews and trailer!

I played MS flight simulator for awhile, but still feel that the quality for virtual pilot 3D is still the best overall!

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