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$50 Free Facebook Advertising Credit

Facebook AdvertisingPay-per-click advertising is already a huge market and PPC on social networks is also gaining momentum, while traditional PPC advertisement's like Google Adwords and Yahoo Search Marketing allows users to target ads based on demographies, social media advertising enables them to micro target ads according to age, sex, demographies and even interests allowing advertisers to connect with their exact target audience.

Facebook is one of the top social network offering advertising opportunities on their network, to make advertiser try Facebook Ads the company is offering free $50 advertisement credit voucher, simply use the coupon code below to to take advantage of the free advertising offer.

Credit code: T5V6-1JKV-TNH9-2MRH

To use :

If you already have an account:
Go to your Ads Manager page and click on "Billing". Click on the "Funding Sources" tab, then click "Enter Coupon Code" .

If you do not have an account:

Go to and create your ad. Redeem your credit code at the payment step.


hi i want to no about what is earning method from face book to is there any method for me for earning from my browsing time

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how to go to billing page???

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this code has already been used....

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Maybe the world would be a better place if people were willing to help others when they can.

It never hurts to ask!

please send me a new code

Hi, this code is not working.

I have tried this code.

I run targeted facebook ads and I also think it works perfectly. I love that it really narrows down your search parameters.

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Is there anyway you can help me out. I know you need to help many so no worries if you can't :)

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Can you please send me a new code to: Please add me to future coupon codes also.

Thank you

This was a couple of years ago so i'm going to go ahead and assume this doesn't work anymore, is there new codes?

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I cant find that tab now, facebook got upgraded to a new look

Code has expired!

I hope you can give the valid code, I want to advertise rapidshare

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There are many codes available on net, no need to worry some are expired. FB PPC is great!

Any one checked this voucher?

This code is already been used. Can you refer me a new code please :(

Facebook $50 coupons are available at very low rates and Facebook coupons need credit card to redeem So I have also pre-activated facebook accounts with $50 voucher.
skype id:

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I want to tray Advertising on Facebook so if u can give me code, that 'll be very cool... :)

Hi I realise you have several requests for codes so I feel bad for asking for one as well but I have just started my own business and you can imagine money is very limited just now and this would be a major help. Thanks in adavance buypencilart@gmailcom
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Update the code more recently ;)

Buy 10 get 1 FREE!
So pay USD80 and get USD495 credit in total!

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Hello there thanks for the posting however the code is already used can I get a new code please.

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Thanks for the posting. However the code is already used. Can I get a new code please?

my email

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For this advertising credit service we need code if any one help?

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T5V6-1JKV-TNH9-2MRH - This code is already been used. Can you refer me a new code please :(

I neet Facebook Ad Coupon code. I do on internet video can't. how to get Facebook Ad Coupon code???
Thank you...

Do you have more this vouchers?!

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Is that coupon Outdated? Not Working

What do you think... this story was posted 7 years ago - 06/26/2008 !!!!

May be there is an alternative to this old coupon.

Hi! I would like a new code.

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