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PaperBus - Free, Fast And Easy Proxy Solution For Anonymous Web-Surfing And Bypassing Of Internet Censorship

Paper BusPaperBus the new ad-supported free web-browser proxy solution from the makers of commercial proxy service Freedur is pretty neat and easy to use, the service is fast and requires no registration - simply download the Windows/Mac/Linux PaperBus proxy-client utility and you are all set to surf the web anonymously from almost any web-browser bypassing internet censorship.

PaperBus Free Proxy Service

If the word ad-supported makes you fret there is no need to worry as no malicious adware/spyware is installed and the unobtrusive ads are displayed in a new browser (see image after jump) tab at the beginning of the each session and then again every 20 minutes as you use PaperBus to surf, Once PaperBus is shutdown no ads get displayed.

Unobtrusive Ad Display In New Tab By PaperBus

PaperBus Advertisement

Another neat feature of PaperBus is that you can create a list of websites you don't want to surf via proxy.

Filter For Blocking Proxying Of Selected Domains

PaperBus Internet Filter

If you are looking for a free, safe and reliable proxy solution PaperBus comes highly recommended, do give it a try - use the links below to download the proxy-client for your operating-system.

Download PaperBus Proxy Client For :

  • Windows
  • Linux
  • Mac

UPDATE : Sadly, this service is no-more available. Check-out alternatives at :


Yes indeed this software is very neat, however it is illegal as it contains parts of code stolen from StackFile Corp. and Skydur.

Furthermore Freedur is illegal and Chris Mathews is sued, for more information look here - / chris-mathews-is-a-thief.php
and / law-suit-against-chris-mathews.php

OpenTerrace LTD (formerly StackFile LTD) is a very shady China based company. Don't mix StackFile LTD (China) and StackFile Corp (California).

Do you really believe in 'free anonymity' on the internet ? They collect your data and sell to third party agencies. Maybe China Government too ???

thanks for the solutions

The above comment and content of links are fabricated lies. Skydur is a copycat service that was created after Obrad Grujic, Paul Hay, and Jovica Mizdrak (all former developers of the Freedur application terminated due to poor work quality and ethics) hijacked the Freedur servers and fraudulently posted lies posing as Freedur staff on our own website. The hacking incident took place back in August 2009 and caused severe damages and grief to our company and customers. The whole, and definitive true story can be found within OUR lawsuit against them:
*Currently we are only able to pursue Paul Hay and Stackfile Corp via the court, as Grujic lives in Serbia and Mizdrak lives in Australia.

Currently, the perpetrators operate under the following identities: Stackfile, Skydur, and Astrill. All of these entities either do not exist as a real company or are suspended. Stackfile Corp is suspended by the State of California. A search for "Stackfile" at will reveal its current status.

The Skydur individuals are attempting to confuse the public by accusing Freedur and its owners of doing what they actually did to us. Their continuing campaign of defamation, lies and distortion will be resolved in court. Their malicious and fraudulent misrepresentations of facts speak for themselves. Please support us by seeking the truth of the matter.

If they really did those things, why don't you do something that's actually effective? Are you guys poor or something?

"Currently we are only able to pursue Paul Hay and Stackfile Corp via the court, as Grujic lives in Serbia and Mizdrak lives in Australia."

LOL at using the legal process. Wow, that's sooo effective! I'm sure they're quite frightened. /sarcasm

Go take care of your business, or act like a bunch of little girls. It's up to you. Are you seriously saying you have no way to get to either Serbia or Australia? Then you deserve whatever you get. Good luck with that.

If the legal process is so ineffective, what is it that you're suggesting Freedur do then? (it almost sounds like the 'effective' solution your insinuating is hiring a hitman) And yes, pursuing someone or some company that is outside of your country via the courts is very expensive. They didn't say there's "no way," but it's obviously not worth the time and money for them.

Looked like a great program however the webpage goes to a parked page aka 404. Please update

Sadly, that service is not available anymore. Check-out alternatives at :

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