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New Smart Credit Cards Comes With Display and Touchscreen Keyboard

Technology is evolving at a never before pace, we are soon going to experience the digital age where cars are smart enough to drive themselves. Even after so much of technological progress our credit-cards have remain more or less same since a longtime, and that is soon going to change with new interactive payment card featuring an oncard display technology. The next generation card, manufactured by NagraID Security, features an embedded LCD display and touch-sensitive buttons that allow cardholders to generate a One-Time Password as an secure authentication measure.

Smart Cards

The new payment card is an innovative 2-in-1 device which ensures maximum security without the need to carry the additional security token device used now. In near future, this interactive card with display and keyboard is planned to have functions like indicating your available credit balance, loyalty points, recent transactions, and other real-time information.

Smart Visa
These cards are already been introduced by Standard Chartered Bank, Singapore and this product from NagraID should soon appear at other banks world-over.


Smart Cards is very important for Security and store important data. This all card are Use every day in our life.

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