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EA Sports To Offer FIFA Online As Free To Play, Register Now For Closed Beta

EA SPORTS™ FIFA OnlineThe Free2Play concept is gaining quite some popularity as two big game titles Quake Live and Need For Speed: World Online have already announced the online version of the games to be completely free-to-play and now EA Sports has started closed public beta of their upcoming Free-to-Play game FIFA Online.

EA Sports FIFA Online Registration

FIFA Online Features :

  • Free-to-play football game for PC.
  • All the up-to-date teams and leagues you’ve come to love in the FIFA franchise.
  • New features not seen elsewhere in football videogames.

If you are interested in beta-testing and playing EA SPORTS FIFA Online before the official public release, simply visit this page and apply.



EA sports is really amazing , I always follow it and get new information about any games .

Thank you very much...RePete

I want to play FIFA ONLINE.


Fever World Cup still exists, although it was not possible to watch all the games I've enjoyed this year's World Cup but missed the game. EA Sports has always been the champion and I enjoy playing EA Sports games, the last time he played was the NBA scraps. Being a football fan I'm sure you'll love this game FIFA Online.

never give up

hey thanks for sharing free to play FIFA link online...

Huge FIFA 12 fan. Is there a good comment board around for Online FIFA players?

EA sports is simply amazing it always come up with something new.

no komen

EA sports really amazing online gaming organisation, which gives ll time unique games to all.
You can read the latest online gaming news about the same type of games on the below blog link.

Yeah i do agree with Ingrid, EA sports is really an awesome Online gaming development company.

I agree with you Julia Kent EA sports is really an awesome online gaming company. I mean what they have done with the Fifa Ultimate Team venture is something else. Their coins system is good however I would advise people not to buy packs for players as your only loosing money just to hope to get someone like Ronaldo or Messi which is highly unlikely!

I highly agree with this comment. Buying packs will definitely make you broke. In order to build your dream team in FIFA, one must know the ins and outs of Trading in Ultimate Team.

Wow! It's really a good news for the sports lovers. Hope players had a great time...

Thanks for sharing...

Great article . I am waiting for fifa world cup .

I always follow the development of the EA sports games and I think EA is one of the best developers of games for sports games and no rival at this time, perhaps only konami that can rival soccer games from EA, success for EA

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