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FreeRapid - Best Multi-Service, Multi-Platform Automated File Downloader

Vitys FreeRapid DownloaderThere are quite a few decent automated downloaders supporting simultaneous downloads from various file-sharing services like RDesc and Tucan, but all new Java based multi-platform FreeRapid Downloader would be one of the best multi-service downloader we have ever came across, supporting fully automated downloads from 87 file-sharing services like Rapidshare, Megaupload, Mediafire and Hotfile to name a few.

Automated File Downloads

The utility supports plugin based architecture allowing easy expansion of supported file-hosters and comes equipped with features like support for proxy lists, download history, smart clipboard monitoring, simple CAPTCHA recognition, automated plugin updates, multi-language support and interface skins.

Automated plugin updates ensures your downloads always work :

File-server downloader plugins updater

Download FreeRapid Downloader >>


I would also recommend JDownloader, very similar to this one

does this support megashare? i know JDownloader doesn't so is Tucan and others

does this support megashare? i know JDownloader doesn't so is Tucan and others

Might try Internet Download Manager make default key when it dont work ;} Simply select the key and download norm.... other wise great post!

*Just wanted to say great job on your site as well doing a great job cheers~

Being that this is an open application what is the source code with out having to dig?

Hey thanks alot. I have downloaded the software. lets hope it will work.

anyone I use "Universal Share Downloader" Made by Dimonius it freeware!!!

Hmm. A very nice tool , if it works as you say. I'll try today. But what about resume feature. does this support that for rapidshare atleast? And for free users of rapidshare, do i need to wait?

Well anyone who have downloaded ot please tell me whether it works for free users or only for premium users

This program is the best. thanks!

jdownloader is better

I want to use this downloader but Java installer crashes the half way. Could anyone help.

This is the best for downloading from any free file hosting site......

This program does not allow you to download multiple files at a time from one site, it just queues them. Nor does it make the waiting period between files shorten or go away. So, basically, it's a third party program with it's ONLY function being to put your downloads in a list where you sit and wait just like if you didn't have this program. It's not even compatible with some download sites that it advertises as being compatible with. It won't touch Filefactory dl's for instance. Save your time and skip this piece of shit.

@Anonymous on Mon, 12/07/2009 - 03:45
We are not as stupid as you to buy a premium account at every filehosting site we see..

I am not stupid at all unlike the prior two posters :P

Neither RapidShare nor jDownloader *currently* support direct links :(

the load2all captcha seems simple compared to others... once link handling is solved I hope to have either automated catcha solving

Does it support auto IP(dynamic) changer so that no need to wait another 30minutes for the next download in Hotfile.

i m a simple user in Bangladesh, but we can't use Rapid Share free account, So what we do for it, just mail me jalish5860@yahoo/

All Yo!!
this is then new revolution after jdownloader and flashget
so get your ass off here and search/download Mipony
for a new era of downloading whatever you like or whtever that server don't like

yeah, well the mipony crap doesn't work with premium hotfile either, but thanks for the revolutionary tip...

great tool

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