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Exclusive Giveaway - Free VPN accounts from CactusVPN

VPN's are not only a good way to surf the internet anonymously and bypass censorship they are getting crucial day by day for users in countries where bittorrent is being targeted, We have been provided with ten 3 months PPTP VPN on Netherland server from CactusVPN for our users, read instructions at the end of this post to get one.

If you are new to the world of VPN's here is a quick starter - A virtual private network (VPN) is a concealed system that interlinks isolated networks throughout chiefly civic statement infrastructures for instance the Internet. VPNs offer great safety via tunneling protocols and safety measures. VPN can moreover be used to inter-relate two same networks above an unrelated center network.

Two major kinds of VPN service present: Remote-access VPNs along with Site-to-site VPNs. First one allows person to hook up to a distant network like itinerant salespeople linking to their company's intranet. VPNs thus shrink expenses as they eradicate the want for committed leased outline amid networks, but as a substitute employ presented infrastructures to bond networks though totaling a sheet of refuge.

There are numerous systems that facilitate you to produce networks by means of the Internet as the standard for transporting facts. These systems apply encryption and added safety mechanisms to guarantee that just certified users can admission the system and that the records are not intercepted.

1. The Point-to-Point Tunneling Protocol (PPTP), formed by Microsoft in concurrence through further expertise companies, is the mainly broadly supported VPN technique amongst Windows customers. PPTP is an annex of the Internet set Point-to-Point protocol (PPP), the association stratum protocol worn to broadcast IP packets above sequential associations. PPTP utilizes similar kinds of confirmation as PPP.

2. The Layer 2 Tunneling Protocol (L2TP) was formed in collaboration involving Cisco and Microsoft to unite features of PPTP with Cisco’s proprietary (L2F). L2TP does not give any encryption or privacy itself. It is based on an encryption protocol that it passes inside the channel to supply seclusion.

3. Secure Socket Tunneling Protocol (SSTP) is the SSL VPN protocol. It uses 2048-bit certifications for authentications and an added protected encryption; make it most locked VPN protocol accessible.

4. OpenVPN is an unlock basis software function that tools practical personal network (VPN) techniques for making safe point-to-point or site-to-site associations in routed or in bridged configurations and distant admission amenities. It uses a tradition safety protocol that makes use of SSL/TLS for input swap. It is able of traversing network system address translators (NATs) and the firewalls.

Anonymity classically refers to the condition of a person’s individual uniqueness, or individually particular information, being visibly unidentified. Complete secrecy on the Internet, conversely, is not certain because IP addresses can be easily tracked, allowing identifying properly the Personal Computer from which a post was made, although not the genuine user.

To get a chance to win one of the free ten, 3 months PREMIUM VPN accounts simply leave a comment below answering "What use the VPN account will be for you?" and 10 best comments will get the account. This competition will run for the next 7 days. The winners (10) will be selected at random and will be informed directly after the competition ends via Email. Good luck to everyone!

Note: This contest is over now and winners are as follows, if you have not received your account info do get in touch with us.


feel more free to use internet services in china

If I get the free VPN account, I would help myself earning points in an online racing game. I would also get points in another website, where i get the chance to win great prizes. I would really use that free VPN account ;)

SSTP is best for me because it's will encrypt data while connecting.
VPN account is good in case can check block website in country which strictly policy.

God is our strength....

It can protect my PC from hackers,.. I can be Mr.Anonymous in the internet and have a safe browsing experience :)

Nowadays, privacy while surfing the internet is very important because your personal details even your bank accounts, accounts online etc. may hack by another person and VPN is one of the solution for this.

You can surf by using other IP Address :)

Hmmmmm, Sounds good... Virtual networks are called Virtual because those are merely illusions just like virtual circuits. :)

I will use VPN to get unlimited access on broadband service.. This is because currently I'm using other broadband also for this purposes..

to bypass censorship :D

I need it for my Genealogy


This is very useful for me .it can help me to surf and blogging me as a anonymous .Thanks in advance .

Hi Megaleecher, I know you are fine. hehehe....
I want to listen radio music. I really need a good VPN and I know CactusVPN is the best vpn service.

I hope i win an account cause i have problems with my ISP because is blocking some sites !
Long live VPN Services !

Secure connection, and to be in touch with family through skype or other VoIP service since its blocked in many countries, will be thankful if you give me free VPN account.


to get access to USA IP only sites

Torrent sites are banned in my country and even YouTube doesn't show many videos...
So a good VPN would help me to bypass all these restrictions...
So I hope I'll win one....

A VPN is the safest way to look in the world of the internet, as with today and the way some people in the government think, they want to control every face of it. The internet was found vie many people doing many different things and it came together. With all of the trouble going on in the world one can not be to safe, one must be on guard at all times and be able to have FREE speech as well as freedom of fear for what you are looking at on the internet as long as it is NOT PORN.

The labour government here in australia has expressed its intention to install a web filter "in the national interest", along the same lines as China, one could naturally imagine.
A VPN account would enable me to have the full use of the internet, in spite of this.

Great giveaway. Please, count me in. Thanks advance!

What use the VPN account will be for you?
VPN can use to bypass alot of website from everywhere in different country.
1. China can't access FB, while I go China I can use VPN to access FB.
2. Some of game from US are restrict to US IP only, using VPN will not have problem of playing.
3. Online Video website are restrict in some country.

Simple, Anarchy.
Australia is getting increasingly nosey re our on-line activities. This may Stuf 'em up.

Hi! I use VPN whenever I can, to be anonymous on the internet or because of censorship in some countries. I've heard of CactusVPN, but never had a chance to use it! It would be great to win one Premium VPN account and try it for 3 months! Thank you!

"What use the VPN account will be for you?"
I would bypass my college filters :D

V stands for Vendetta. The VPN will definitely help bypass all the crappy blocks by my ISP to so many sites out there and also those being blocked by my school. Internet stood for freedom before, who gives them the right to choose what we see and what we don't. I would love a VPN cactus!

To watch blocked video sharing

This VPN will allow me to download torrents without the chance of being harassed.

I require the Cactus vpn to view tv shows in UK and USA.


Atul Patel

would be very useful for my children who live in a country wherein Faetime and Skype etc are blocked and telephony charges are sky high!

Because... I'v already been popped 4 times. Can't afford many more. Enough said.

What use the VPN account will be for me? I will be using it for browsing webpage without revealing my real identity to those who/which is malicious to me.

I would also like to use it to browse those webpage which restricts to selected countries IP address.

I need it for my entertainment like music and shows.

One example is Hulu - A popular site which streams TV and Movies online to people in the United States where it is not available in my country.

Another example is Spotify - A music gateway for a huge database of music collection for myself to listen to, rather than downloading them. But it blocked my country too.

So therefore to get around this restriction, I will require a premium VPN service which would stream these videos quickly.

At times, I do travel aboard for holidays and were restricted by one countries/government firewall. Most complimentary or free but those VPN services are commonly blocked. Hence, I will require premium VPN services which weren't block by the government to get around restrictions.

China is one of the example that I use to travel around which restricted the access to Facebook, Twitter etc.

It is then my sincere hope to win one of this account as most premium VPN is extremely costly.

i will use it for watching movies online bcos im not in usa so vpn will allow me to enjoy my movies and i will be able to use orkut by google which is a social networking site like facebook and i will access some excellent torrent site..thts all,luckily if i win this contest..:-)

I never tried it. Would like to use it. And may even build a server for it for people to use.
It sounds fun. The infrastructure is mind boggling, I can't sit to test it.

Because I need my freedom when my goverment blocked my freedom

I use it for netflix, and hulu. Because I am back home in a holiday, and I can't use it from here because its different region.

This service will allow me to view my us tv station these last months while I'm in India and allow my web history to be private while I'm on campus.

I live in Iran and the Government have powerful censorship system, Typically we use VPN for bypassing Internet Censorship !


VPN provides me little more security along with my internet security suites. It helps me to surf safely and anonymously in the internet without anyone knowing my true IP which reduces the attacks from malicious purposes.

Hope i can get this chance to win a license.



VPN is Good For Surfing Anonymous..

I can only afford the basic package from BT so this account would enable me to download a few films without waiting weeks for enough bandwidth.

ecsjjgg's picture

Hi, I would really like to have a licencse for 3 months!

I've tweeted this @

I will use the VPN to remove the censorship enforced by our ISP. We are not to able torrent , file sharing web sites and our govt believe it will control the piracy. Because of some bad people, why everyone suffer.

hi, i will be using cactus vpn to browse the websites which are blocked by it technichians

VPN is agood method to vies websites that have been blocked in your country. Further, if got to send some emails anonymously, this service will do the needful.

I need one very badly.


Between the war of intrusion of cultures some must roam free to watch over these wars and able to apply the theories to see what is winning...
The vpn is one of these good means to set such people free along with others having not such holy goals...

i am from iran.
my country filtering is an unnormal filtering and many good and usefull sites for exaple facebook,youtube,... are vpn can helps us too open this sites.
some sites dont support iranian users and vpn can help us too resulve this problem.
internet is for all people from all ower the world and vpn is a key that opens Freedom's doors.

i will use the vpn account to send videos from syria to the world
to unmask the assad's army and what they have been doing to our country
i need this account to tell the truth from the inside of syria

i want this account because many sites are blocked by the proxy which is used by my organization and i can also access some Geo restricted sites.

I'm going to use it to have access to great websites that are blocked by our anti-freedom dictatorial government!

with much love to :)

"What use the VPN account will be for you?"

The only way to see content restricted to some countries "internal use" and not being tracked by my ISP

Hi,I think The VPN account is very usefull for surfing in internet problem for phishing,spam and so........
I don't now.
sorry for my english,is really terrible.

i would like to use the vpn so i can enjoy pandora on my iphone and mac. also, hulu would be great on my samsung tv!

To publish confidential information about the rosacrucians.

So finally i came to know that what is actually VpN actually i was very curious to know that what is Vpn but after reading this post i cant say that i dont know about vpn actually i read many posts here in megaleacher and its very usful i hope so my luck will be wid me and wish u all the

My Main usage is to browse web with anonymity and use Bit torrent, also connect my small office to it if the service is good ill like to buy the same

With a VPN connection, it will enable me to surf the Internet without anyone knowing my true IP. IP's are often tracked and traced in order forms, websites, and for malicious purposes. If you are using a VPN, the VPN IP will be tracked, instead of your IP and origin country. Attacks are often directed directly at your known IP address. With a VPN account your home computer IP will not be see, the VPN server IP will be the IP address. Everyone can use a little more security, a VPN account can gives you exactly the security you want.

I will use my VPN account other than browsing the internet anonymously, will also use it to visit US movies websites, such as Netflix, Hulu, etc. Most importantly I will use it purchase Amazon's Kindle ebooks which cost a lot less than its physical books with its huge shipping cost. It really doesn't make sense that Amazon block Asia/Pacific countries to purchase their Kindle books.

i will use it to maintain my anonymity over the net
even i would use it open the blocked sites in my country.....
and the main purpose which i will use it for is to secure myself from the hackers
using vpn makes the user feel safer
also it make digital world a secure place for it's user

i will be anonymous .and cannot be traced by any other person. beside that premium vpn server's speed is very high . thank you for this giveaway . i am a long time subscriber of megaleecer.

I want to access some block site from our country. Sometimes I got a blank page or the page didn't load. I will found out that the site is blocked. So it will really helpful if I have a VPN for smooth browsing, secure, and worry free.

Thanks for the giveaway!

i will use for lots of thing i cant do without VPN :)

I live in the middle east, more specific in UAE and everything here is government controlled. Most web pages are restricted. I could really use a vpn service to help me get around this problem and be able to surf the internet more freely, especially make VOIP calls which is also restricted here and calling my family back home costs a fortune.

Great, no reason why, I just need one, get me one.

because my university blocked many sites i want to be able to use them!

A premium account would unblock some blocked sites :p , can i get one pls ....

I would use it to safely use free Wifi networks when I'm out.

VPN..?....for whats...?..iam ordinary people

First reseaon would be to access blocked websites like youtube,facebook,forums at school :)
Then to play game that can only play in US like Maplestory.
Last one is to be anonymously on the internet prevented from being traced.

If i get this 3G is going 4G.

I live in a syria where almost everything is blocked and banned so vpns are our only key to internet freedom where we can comunicate and share freely and securely and thats why i need vpn

the vpn networks reduces the network traffic to the maximum and it is helpful in bypassing the site that are blocked....

I will use this VPN account to stay anonymous on the web, to keep my connection secured with their encrypted incoming and outgoing data feature, to bypass my ISP's traffic shaping, to hide my ip address and to bypass web filtering apps.

It will help me watch Netflix from oversea :D being secured on the net.

Cactus VPN will enable me to finally be able to talk to my sister via Skype since it is blocked in our country. We have not had a good conversation in many years.

bybass black's site in my area, another reason some site doesn’t work out the USA but with VPN it work perfect

please send me a free trial vpn or vpn software on my

Hi Megaleecher,
if i will win then i can access my office computer from my home with the use of RDP. and also give more time at home to parents.

I'll finally be able to access some batshine INSANE content that is not available in my shitty (but absolutely LOVELY) country. :)

I would use it to be anonymous when browsing and to be able to watch blocked TV stations in the Netherlands when away from home

as a free person with a free spirit i meant to use internet with no boundries with respect to other, and not to stuck with all these governmental spying and blocking!!!

To bypass the intensive filtering in my country, Iran.

I have two chief goals for using that:
The first one is to bypass the intensive filtering in my country, Iran.
Further, having access to some services that have been blocked for some countries.
The last but not least is to be anonymous while browsing the internet.

so thanks guys :)
i needed so much :)
love u :)

Thankss!!! i won 1!!! excellenT!!! thanks alot!

I would discover the use of VPN if i get it for free.

i look for unique way to surf beyond the essential resources so the best way is using catcusvpn

Got freedom to surf the internet in uae... This technology will be the eye opener in net world(WWW).

This contest is over now and winners are as updated above.

There are only 10 free connections and that too for only 3 months. The offer is not attractive enough.

VPN is the best thing that someone can have in a country like IRAN.

This VPN is a master key for all Blocked locks(website).

i need this i m not a rich person

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