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Get Adobe Photoshop CS5 Amazing Content-Aware Fill Feature Now And That Too For Free

One of the most anticipated feature of upcoming Adobe Photoshop CS5 release is it's content-aware PatchMatch fill feature, however the very same feature is available in free, multi-platform, open-source graphic editor GIMP right now via Resynthesizer plugin.

Gimp Resynthesizer Plugin

Surprisingly, this free plugin has been available to GIMP users for years which Adobe Photoshop is going to release in it's upcoming major software upgrade.

GIMP Resynthesizer Plugin In Action Doing Fast And Easy Content Aware Fill
Gimp resynthesizer content aware fill in action

Gimp resynthesizer content aware fill in action

Gimp resynthesizer content aware fill in action

Gimp resynthesizer content aware fill in action


GIMP Resynthesizer Video Demo

Download Resynthesizer plugin for GIMP :

images via Nicu Buculei


Ive downloaded the 2.6.8 and 2.6.7 and none have this option not even the option to download the plugin,

What version does have the Script-Fu on the tool-bar.

This is horrible..


Very bad plugin. Slow and gives horrible results.

it was very helpfull and a good shortcut for me...

time waste dont use this plugin

...hmm seems that named peoples here === no problem with resynth plugin for GIMP.

For the million of Anonymous on this world will work probably ..never.
This plugin has a secret rule - no "noname" allowed ! - so time as you don't have a name it will not work for you.

And because it's a lost cause for you Anonymous, go quick buy PS CS-5.5 from next corner KFC and send some greetings to mr. Nack from my side.



This was so extremely helpful and will save time how does it work in Adobe Photoshop CC though?

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