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VSuite Ramdisk - Free Advanced RamDisk Software For Windows XP, 2003 And Vista

VSuite RamdiskRamdisk's can come in handy for claiming unused RAM and improving system throughput, While we have shared free Gavotte Ramdisk utility for Windows its very basic and lacks support for much needed features like auto-save at shutdown and auto-load at boot similar to paid application Superspeed Ramdisk, frequently updated free utility VSuite Ramdisk solves this by providing advanced Ramdisk features only available in paid applications like Autosave to disk, compression, multiple-ramdisk support, OS invisible physical memory access with support for Ramdisk sizing upto 2048TB.

Free Ramdisk Suite Interface

While VSuite Ramdisk currently support 32/64-bit versions of Windows 2000, Windows XP and Windows 2003, support for Windows Vista is on the radar.

Download Vsuite Ramdisk Public Edition [707 KB] >>


hahahah very big bang this program DOES NOT WORK WITH ANY 64 BIT WINDOWS VERSION VISTA/7 this program TELLS on 64 bit windows:

Error: support systems: X86 <----- HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAAH

very big bug shit program!

Used the 32 Bit version on Win7. For me the best ramdisk in the world. Forget Cenatek and Superspeed. Try to use with them Hibernation with PAE memory usage. The system will crash. But not so this ramdisk software - it creates an addional hibernation file for the PAE memory. This software has many other excellent features like dynamic ramdisk and more.

I've tried several of the free ramdisks, and this one is hands down the absolute best in terms of both functionality and compatibility. At least on 32 bit Windows XP which is the only system I've tried these ramdisks on. You can put your pagefile on the ramdisk with no problems. Also it gets along well with Acronis Trueimage Workstation which I use for backups. The Cenatek RamdiskXP looked good but it wasn't compatible with Acronis Trueimage Workstation. Vsuite works flawlessly. Highly recommended.


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